[MOC] Red Dead Redemption II - Ambush

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1899 - the United States of America.
Arthur Morgan is on a trip to Strawberry, a little village in New Hanover. Morgan enjoys the nature, so he travels near a river. Rabbits, snails, snakes and birds are around him so the situation looks very peaceful. After a certain time two outlaws appears on the road and want to raid Arthur. Behind him is an outlaw too, Arthur was ambushed.

Hey guys, I want to build a creation to this absolutely must play game " Red Dead Redemption 2". I love this game and the open world is stunning.

32332313388_1953cb5eee_z.jpgRed Dead Redemption II - Ambush by KevFett2011, auf Flickr

I hope you like my MOC, I would be pleased to get feedback.


Greetings Kevin

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The game IS awesome, isn't it? Just stopped playing it for today :tongue:

You're MOC is pretty cool too. The terrain is really detailed (I like your river/creek) and the other cowboys look very recognizable.
Great job :thumbup:


Edited by CF Mitch

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yes the game is awesome :wub: Thank you for your feedback , great that you like my MOC :blush:


Greetings Kevin

What think the others ?

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