Faction: Confederacy of Free Systems

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Faction: Confederacy of Free Systems

Faction Leader: Goatman461

Capital: None

Planets: Randon, Ubrikkia, Yitabo, Botajef, Centares, Lowick, Bandomeer, Celanon, Allanteen, Giju, Teyr Vulvarch, Columex, Felucia, Arcan, Lothal, Lowick, Malagarr

Systems: O6, R6, U9, V8

Description: The CFS is an agreement between independent, economically open systems for free trade and recognition of various trade standards. As systems who have seen the horrible abuses of criminal cartels, harsh subjugation by the Empire, and even years of war with the Republic, these systems have been wary to join the New Republic, albeit sympathetic to their cause. Republic delegations often come, but the only the member-systems' reluctance to support yet another state capable of unleashing the untold horrors of war has met them


R6 Nemodians on Felucia 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr

Most of the inhabitants are non-human small business owners, farmers, traders, and craftsmen. Many have made new homes on Outer Rim worlds, new colonies, and recovering war zones. They have an affinity for the dark blue of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which was adorned as a silent protest of the Empire and now outward show of pride for their past. 


R6 Nemodians on Felucia 3 tee-muss by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr


Sephi-x & Imroosian refugees by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr


Twi'lek settlers by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr


Togruta colonists by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr






Most of their dwellings are simple structures made from any materials that are available to those brave homesteaders that strike out on their own: decommissioned ships, clay bricks, ruins of long past civilizations. These are no longer scenes of great action, although their past has been full of war and destruction. 




32567039644_8afee264bb_z.jpg 50368783157_9ab0b32a99_z.jpg

15767297847_2e72db8c42_z.jpg 50010929481_28a71f919f.jpg

49455985533_1ef3daf454.jpg 49671079052_37711dba04.jpg

50697285423_a3df4ce006.jpg 50811692281_6c1813a31e.jpg


Faction Recruits

Faction recruits can expect a large array of accessible planets, particularly those significant to the Clone War era, and help collaborating on builds and stories.

I'm really interested in encouraging castle-builders and that style of building in the Star Wars universe. So, a lot of organic, nature-driven builds focused on homesteads in unique, alien landscapes. 

Fleshies are required when using human minifigures, but some creativity in representing non-humans may be necessary. 

PM Goatman461 to petition to join or if you have any questions about the game. Join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/DMeXyrnw



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In exchange for mining interests on Eriadu, the Mining Guild contingent on Columex has joined the Confederation of Free Systems. 

6 IP on Eriadu from CFS to MG

8 IP on Columex from MG to CFS

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CFS | Episode VI
Pyerce Rising

Tyranny rears its ugly head!
Imperial Warlord PYERCE blockades four planets in a bid for galactic power. DISTRESS SIGNALS echo across the galaxy, pleading for help from anyone who hears.
The peaceful CFS beats plowshares into swords. Commerce starships, research vessels, and flying restaurants become the AUXILIARY FLEET, racing to the aid of those threatened by the Imperial Remnant.


Never Again (Cat. A | Fondor)

Battle for Kril'Dor (Cat. B | Kril'Dor)

Alistair Hennessey of the CFS Eleanor (Cat. C | Kril'Dor)


Party's Over (Cat. A | Fondor)

Dogfight over Kril'Dor (Cat. B | Kril'Dor)


Tacos over Fondor (Cat. A | Fondor)

Tacos over Kril'Dor (Cat. B | Kril'Dor)


1 - The Sound in the Streets (Cat. A | Fondor)

2 - The CFS Peace and Quiet (Cat. C | Fondor)

3 - Stumble Into Battle (Cat. B | Fondor)


Gonna Need a Bigger Gun (Cat. A | Fondor)

Story Synopsis | CFS Intervention


The CFS is a peaceful presence in the galaxy, a pact of unity based around commerce, agriculture, and free will. While there are combat and intelligence units who fly the CFS flag, there is no centralized CFS military, no navy, no great fleet.
In spite of this, you'll find that members of the CFS are nothing if not passionate about the values they hold dear. Unfortunately for several pirates, warlords, and would-be tyrants, threatening those values is a surefire way to prod the gentle giant into action. 
When word reached the galaxy about the Pyerce Blockades, several CFS-aligned parties chose to intervene. They organized into the largest CFS Auxiliary Fleet seen in a long time, with two major targets in their sights: the shipbuilding metropolis of Fondor, and the Tibanna gas mines of Kril'Dor. 

Many of those in power on Fondor never forgot the comforts of Imperial rule. These governors and corporate leaders welcomed Pyerce with open arms, rolling out the red carpet for his officers and delegates, holding secret meetings to decide the future of the planet. Stormtroopers cracked down on possible resistance, but only made things worse for their cause in the process. Many in the working class, especially non-humans, took to the streets to voice their outrage and clash with the brute squads.

The first stage of CFS involvement focused on gathering intel and undermining Imperial forces ahead of the main attack. CFS Intelligence units (including Battle Group Andor) slipped past the blockade in unmarked freighters to make planetfall in Fondor's largest cities. Operatives carried out guerrilla attacks over the next several days on the pro-Imperial government and Pyerce's forces. They kidnapped officers, sabotaged listening posts, and fought alongside protesters. (1 | 2 | 3)

Admiral Yima, captain of the CFS Peace and Quiet, shattered the Pyerce blockade with a surprise attack. All three support frigates survived the battle thanks to the unlikely involvement of a janitor piloting a stolen starfighter. (1 | 2)

With the threat of bombardment lifted, the CFS deployed Trident-class Assault Ships with ground teams to aid the fighters in the streets. Famous Jawa Chef Tini arrived to alleviate a greater enemy: hunger. (1 | 2)

Late in the Pyerce Affair, the blockade around Kril'Dor, a single Arquitens-class cruiser, sat nervous with reports of attacks on their counterparts. The CFS Eleanor, captained by the majestic Alistair Hennessey, burst out of hyperspace. Accompanied by the CFS Avarice, the two destroy Pyerce's forces and free the gas mine from the grip of fear. And Tini frees both sides from the grip of hunger. (1 | 2 | 3 | 4



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Posted (edited)

CFS | Episode VII
Pyerce Resiliant

A phantom menace! Even after his sound defeat, Moff Pyerce remains a threat to the galaxy at large. Seeking power, Pyerce turns to sorcery and dark lore, sending out his spies in a search of legendary Holocrons! 
The galaxy responds! All those who serve Pyerce are marked for capture. Whispers and rumors permeate the alleyways of the Outer Rim, leading pursuers of justice to track down the infernal operatives once and for all.


Yavin IV - Temple Guardians I
Lothal - Temple Guardians II
Garel - Temple Guardians III
Mustafar - Temple Guardians IV
Mustafar - Temple Guardians V
Mustafar - Temple Guardians VI

Coruscant - Pirates Like To...

Lothal - The Fields of Lothal

Lothal - Ambush on Lothal

Atrisia - The Edge of Loss and Vengeance
Atrisia - No Holding Back

Parnassos - A Lone Empty Taco Shell

Yavin IV - Another Lone Empty Taco Shell
Mustafar - Yet Another Lone Empty Taco Shell

Targonn - Across the Stars I - Severance Pay
Targonn - Across the Stars II - Murder!
Targonn - Across the Stars III - Diner Tables and Missed Connections
Garel - Across the Stars IV - The Manifest
Yavin IV - Across the Stars V - The Temple Job
Mustafar - Across the Stars VI - Submission and Death
Ossus - Across the Stars VII - The Planet of Ghosts
Dagobah - Across the Stars VIII - The Magic Tree
Mustafar - Across the Stars IX - The House in the Ash Forest

Wayland - Mato VIII - The Mountain Village, Bur Wend

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CFS member worlds have decided to devote themselves to the Followers of the Force

55 IP on Ankus from CFS to FF

50 IP on Kril'Dor from CFS to FF

52 IP on Sinton from CFS to FF

50 IP on Dorin from CFS to FF

46 IP on Mortis from CFS to FF :/

6 IP on Parnassos from CFS to FF

CFS member worlds have renounced free trade and joined the Pentastar Alignment

55 IP on Vinsoth from CFS to PA

50 IP on Belkadan from CFS to PA

62 IP on Muunilinst from CFS to PA

108 IP on Iridonia from CFS to PA

A Mandalorian Coven used their influence over Mustafarian locals to encourage their admission to the CFS in exchange for land interests on Tatooine.

13 IP and other consideration on Mustafar from CE to CFS

10 IP on Tatooine from CFS to CE 

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10 IP on Tatooine to the Black Sun

5 IP on Korriban to the Followers of the Force

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