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Ninjago Legacy Wishlist

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If you could have any Ninjago sets remade, which sets would they be?

Here's my list:

1.The Great Devourer and the city of Ouroboros 

2.Garmadon's Dark Fortress

3.Kryptarium Prison Breakout

4.Temple of Light

5.Mech Dragon

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One thing I would dearly love to see is a model of Dr. Julian's workshop in the snowy forest. Complete with (FINALLY) a minifigure of Dr. Julian. 

Aside from that I'd love a good Palace of Ninjago set. With the emperor and empress. 

A Temple of Light remake would be cool too, though. 

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Going beyond sets that have been released previously (which is what they seem to be doing so far), I'd love a remake/new set of:


Blacksmith Shop

Garmadon's Dark Fortress/Ferris Wheel

Fire Temple


Season 1:

Great Devourer (as a full set, something they aren't afraid of doing by packaging the side build to Fangpyre Truck Ambush, Zane's Snowmobile, in a set)

Dr. Julian's Workshop with Robotic Guard (and maybe a Treehorn to add conflict)

Snake Bus

Destiny's Bounty 


Season 2:

Temple of Light

Black Bounty

Golden Mech

Overlord Dragon


Any of the unreleased Stone Army vehicles


Season 3:

Borg Tower

Nindroid Spaceship

Overlord Mech

Temple of Fortitude

Security Mechs, Hovercrafts, and Jets

Small playset for the Factory Escape (Ideally with casual Nya)


Season 4:

Chen's Arena

Ferry Boat

Clouse Mech vs Jay's Electromech

Small "versus" packs to give us the unreleased EMs

EM dragons vs Chen's trucks (Metal would be amazing)


Season 5:

Preeminent vs Ferry Boat (could include the boat here instead of as a Season 4 set)

Cloud Kingdom playset


Season 6:

Misfortune's Keep

Djinn Palace


Season 7:

Iron Doom (could give us a chance to get the old EMs as well as a much better Iron Doom build than what we got)

Dome of Doom

Ninjago City Museum


Season 8:

Ninjago City Palace

Oni Cave or River Boat Lobster Chase (only really to get casual Harumi)



Season 9: 

Wind Dragon

Oni Stronghold

Dragon Hunter Truck

Dragon Hunter Speeder variant 2 (with vertical wings and Faith)

Nya's BattleWagon (could have the potential to be an App-Controlled set like the Batmobile as it has a similar stature)



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I agree with all of the above. 

I was about to protest the Iron Doom, but then I remembered that I modded mine for better posability and suddenly understood your point. 

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I'd kinda like to see them revisit the Raid Zeppelin and Misfortune's Keep sets from 2016, maybe fleshing them out a little better. Plus, Cole's Boulder Blaster was a rather cool looking set; perhaps they could give it the same makeover treatment as they did with his Earth Driller this year. :shrug_oh_well:

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My biggest wish, among things from any previous seasons, would be Borg Tower. It's too impressive a visual design to have gone so long without any physical representation in sets (not even a partial one), and there are so many neat features that could be included, from the entrance hall to the Nindroid factory to the elevators to the helipad and Borg's office. A set like that could also potentially feature scaled-down versions of some of the vehicles from that year (either the "hacked" ninja versions or the Overlord-controlled versions).

Beyond that... hard to say. The closer you get to the present, the less in need of remakes the sets become. I guess it could be cool to get some sort of arena set with more of the Elemental Masters.

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As far as stuff that's already been depicted in sets goes, here are some of the things from the first two seasons that haven't already been re-imagined in the Possession, Day of the Departed, or Legacy waves, and whether I think they'd gain much from being re-imagined:

Way of the Ninja

  • :thumbdown: Garmadon's Dark Fortress and the Fire Temple were two of the most impressive location sets in 2011, but they also were arguably less interesting in the show than in the sets. The Fire Temple had a lot more interior and exterior detail as a set than it had in the show, if not the same moody volcanic setting. And the only part of Garmadon's Dark Fortress that featured in the show as anything but a background element was the basement where Wu had his climactic showdown with Samukai.
  • :thumbdown: I also generally feel like remakes of the Skulkin vehicles are unnecessary since they didn't have much ongoing relevance after the 44-minute pilot, and for the most part the sets depicted them adequately enough on the first pass that they don't really cry out for a redesign.
  • :sceptic: I'm unsure about whether remakes of the Elemental Dragons would have much value as throwbacks, since Ninjago frequently introduces new dragons that are just as interesting if not more so. Re-imaginings of the originals would still be AWESOME to see, but I'd almost prefer to try and MOC them myself using the heads of the re-imagined Ultra Dragon as inspiration, rather than hoping for them to show up as sets.
  • :thumbup: The Four Weapons Blacksmith Shop, on the other hand, could benefit greatly from added detail and/or a re-imagining, since the original barely felt like a place where people worked, let alone a place where Kai and Nya basically lived as children. It also lacked any details particular to the characters who inhabited it, or. Also, it's had ongoing relevance, since it was not just the setting of the beginning and end of the pilot, but also was revisited in Day of the Departed and Season 7: The Hands of Time.

Rise of the Snakes
2012/Season 1

  • :thumbdown: While the Tread Assault is the last of the season one ninja vehicles that hasn't been re-imagined, it's another example of a set that had more to make it interesting in the original set than in the show (a cannon and the ability to convert to Serpentine camouflage by flipping over the chassis). But even then, I felt like it was the least interesting of the original ninja vehicles, and I think the designers made a good call by opting instead to recreate the Earth Driller, which was much more memorable to me both as a set and a vehicle in the show.
  • :thumbdown: The Serpentine Vehicles didn't have a whole lot of ongoing relevance past the first season, and few of them even had opportunities to stand out from the rest of the fleet after their debut episode Snakebit. While there were some cool locations in the first season, none really made it into the sets, which simply featured a bunch of rather generic Serpentine ruins.
  • :thumbup: The Great Devourer is maybe the only part of Season 1 that I think was both important enough to deserve a second pass and was forced to cut enough corners in its original design to benefit from one. Like the Ultra Dragon, a better design might very well be possible for the Great Devourer when they're not forced to share a box.

The Green Ninja
2013/Season 2

  • :thumbup: The Garmatron is perhaps one of the most significant vehicles of Season 2, as Garmadon's "Ultimate Weapon" that he uses to invade and corrupt Ninjago City. And a re-imagining that more closely resembles the show version (which opens its mouth to deploy a telescoping cannon) could certainly be quite interesting compared to the original.
  • :thumbup: The Temple of Light was a very significant location and the scene of some really impressive and climactic scenes that the set failed to do justice. It could also justifiably include a scaled down version of the Golden Mech, which did not really do enough in the show to merit a re-release on its own but is still pretty cool when it first shows up.
  • :thumbdown: The Warrior Bike does not really merit a re-imagining, since other parts of the fleet that HAVEN'T appeared as sets before (like the Tusk Invader, Catapult, and Hover Glider) had just as notable a role in the show and would be more interesting to see if we were to get a new set that called for Stone Army vehicles
  • :thumbdown:Kai's Fire Mech was a great set for its time and price point, and could potentially be even cooler if re-imagined, but the ideal context for it would be coupled with the Earth Driller, which carried a collapsed form of the Fire Mech as cargo in the show. Since the Earth Driller has already been re-imagined, that opportunity has pretty much passed.

On the whole, it's easy to see why the Legacy wave we got DIDN'T go with these options, as none of the ones I gave a "thumbs up" could really be adequately improved upon at small price points, only medium to large ones.

As for later seasons, the stuff from them that I think would make the most interesting new sets tends to be stuff that didn't really appear as sets at the time to begin with (Borg Tower, Master Chen's Palace, Steep Wisdom, etc). And I'm not even sure that it would necessarily take a Legacy-style throwback wave to do that.

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My single item on a Wishlist would be the train that we never got. The Snake Train! We've seen so many pictures of the prototype. It's even in the official DK books! JUST MAKE IT ALREADY!

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