How can i make a nice pagoda roof on a 6x6 plate?

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Hey guys,

i´m building a little shrine thingy on a step hill to put in a minifig statue, and i want to cap it off with a nice pagoda styled roof.

The problem is,i never build one and i´m kinda struggling with making it pretty.

44363623860_6affaf7db3_c.jpgPagoda Roof

This is my take on the problem,but i hate how there are still large gaps between the 4 roof sides even with trying to fill them with 1x4 plates.

Any of you master builders have a good idea to show?

The pagoda roof needs to sit on a 6x6 plate but can overlapto the sides.

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You might have better luck with 2×3 wing plates rather than 2×4--the angle would probably fit the curved part better. Try adjusting the steepness to match the side.

Honestly, it's a great design as-is, and judging from the huge response you've received so far ( :look: ), probably as good a design as most anyone could suggest.

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