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More information about the contest can be found in the general discussion topic.


Please take a careful look at the rules before posting in this topic. Each participant is obliged to create a post in this entry topic. Posts need to follow the rules stated below. Posts not following the rules will be disqualified so please read them carefully.


The entry post in this topic needs to contain:

  • Entry name
  • One or more images (max 3).  You can have combined pictures (4 in 1) as long as the picture isn't bigger than 1024x1024.
  • Embedded video (mandatory)
  • Link to your discussion topic


This topic should be used for entries only, so commenting is prohibited. Please use the general discussion topic for...well, general discussion on the contest, and individual discussion topics to comment on the individual entries.

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Blast through the skies with this accurate replica of a historical plane!

The Fairey Rotodyne is a combination of a helicopter and a plane produced by the British Fairey Aviation and was intended for military and commercial uses. It could fly at a decent speed, carry a good deal of passengers. So why did it never reach commercialization? It was too loud. And as a result of its 106 decibels, it remains a museum artifact.

My model contains 7 functions and an option for motorization, as well as a display stand. It is not aimed at 100% accuracy, however, I wanted to replicate the functions to the best of my abilities.



  • Spinning rotors
    • These can be manual, or operated by an external motor located in the plane's stand.
  • Landing gear
    • There are 3 wheels, each separately operated, and a 4th faux wheel to help with weight distribution.
  • Propellers variable pitch
    • Operated via a gear on the side of the plane
  • Rudders
    • Operated via a gear on the back of the plane
  • Main rotors variable pitch -> left to right, front to back
    • Operated by one to 2 two-axis joysticks found in the cabin
  • Ailerons
    • Operated via one of 2 two-axis joysticks in the cabin
  • Elevators (elevons)
    • Operated via one of 2 two-axis joysticks in the cabin

This model also has looks in mind, however. A lot of time was spent creating subtle angles and assuring that proportions were correct.





Untitled design (12)

2019-02-02-19-33-02 (1)

Link to discussion topic:

That's all. This build has been marvelously fun for me and I hope you enjoy the final product! Happy voting!


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                                                                                                                                    "We are pirates! Sky Pirates"   


The most impressive airship, the Iron Vulture. Don Karnage's flagship and mobile base acting

like aircarrier and flying fortress! It was created to dominate in the Skies and above the Seas! 


More than 2000 parts form it's unique shape of an Eagle with folded wings. And 7 motors for all functions. This massive aircraft is an absolute leader in rotors count. It has 14 of them!


-All 12 horizontal rotor spinning (M motor)

-2 Main Rotors spinning (M motor)

-4-Speed Gearbox for rotors (M motor)

-Front "Beak" opening (L-motor)

-Bottom hatch (M-motor)

-Hangar winch (L-motor)

-RailGuns! (M-motor)





Discussion topic:



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Lockheed Martin P-38 Lightning

When the design started in 1937, the twin-boomed P-38 was to be the most innovative plane of its day. On its official introduction in 1940, it found itself amongst the fastest and best performing fighters in the world. Its versatility and ruggedness became legendary. Before the end of WW2, it had been nicknamed "fork-tailed devil" by the Germans and for good reason. It was arguably the best fighter plane in the WW2 skies, making short work of it's opponents: in the air, on the ground and in the waters. The Lightning’s legacy is unmatched, a total of more than 10,000 P-38s were manufactured.

One specific example of this beautiful airplane was the 1944 manufactured P­38L­5LD (SN #44‑53254), known as White Lightnin', which was seen at many airshows in the period after WW II. This specific version is the inspiration for my TC15 contest Entry.

(sources: lockheedmartin.com  wikipedia.org p38assn.org)

The build features:

  • Characteristic twin-boom body
  • Center nacelle with cockpit, holding a PF Lithium Battery
  • White colorscheme with red details, mimicing real White Lightnin'
  • PF powered twin propellers (counter rotating)
  • Propeller blade pitch control
  • Opening canopy giving access to the cockpit with:
    • Tri-axis yoke controlling ailerons, elevator and twin rudders
    • Up/down switch controlling PF powered flaps
    • Up/down switch controlling PF powered landing gear


More pictures:



Even more pics to be seen on my bricksafe page.

Discussion topic:


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This aircraft is inspired by The Aston Martin Volante Vision Concept. The Volante Vision Concept is Aston Martin’s exploration into personal air mobility, a kind of luxury flying car. Produced in partnership with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, Cranfield University and Rolls-Royce, the concept aircraft with vertical take-off and landing capabilities demonstrates Aston Martin’s forward-looking design ingenuity. I myself find the concept very interesting and different from other air mobility solutions, like the drone style flying taxi concepts (Uber/Bell, Audi/Airbus, etc...).


Contains ~1100 parts in total, plus the stand.


Elegant bodywork

  • glass canopy
  • detailed cockpit: 3 seats, one for the pilot with controls, and two passengers

PF powered propulsion

  • spinning main rotor
  • spinning twin propellers
  • PF L-motor with System 9V battery box

Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL)

  • pilot yoke control (left hand, up-down): switching between fly mode and VTOL mode.
  • when switching, twin propellers are rotated from horizontal to vertical, and landing legs are released

Twin rudder

  • pilot yoke control (left hand, left-right)


  • Mixed elevator and aileron controls on the same control flaps
  • pilot yoke control (right hand, left-right for aileron, up-down for elevator)






Find more images in the discussion topic and in my Flickr album.


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Building of a fully functional combat helicopter.

General overview :

dimensions: 65(L) X 27(W) X 20(H)

Weight with standard batteries : 1.208 kg

Parts count: 1421

LDD file : http://www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/450322

PDF Instructions credits @Ivan_M : https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-21317/Ivan_M/ah-77-hunter-helicopter/#bi

Functionalities embedded:

- Flight control:

     - collective main blades control by a lever,

     - cyclic main blade control by a joystick in the cockpit,

     - tail rotor pitch control by a lever

- Adjustable rear spoiler by a control gear

- Orientable IR pod and front gun by a joystick in the cockpit

- Motorized rotors and functional fake turbo-engines

- Opening elements like doors of the cockpit, engine compartment

- Functional suspensions on main landing gear

- Orientable rear landing gear wheel


Link to the discussion topic:



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6. "Paper" Plane - A17

This is my entry, a functioning glider made from Lego.




A fully static build with just 39 parts, it may not appear complex, but a lot of thought and testing went into this project, it took 17 rebuilds of the frame and wing positions to get to this design, what i loved about this project was the fact that i had to venture into unknown building techniques, as well as building as light as possible, it resulted in several never before seen connections (to me at least).

It does take a bit of practice and tweaking to get good flight results, like any paper plane; small adjustments can have a big impact on the flight characteristics, but once you get the feel for the plane it goes pretty well.



for further details you can visit my thread here: 



I hope you like it! I have had tons of fun testing this concept!


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7. Lego 852 Studless Version

"Set 852 was released under the "Technical Set" series in 1977. This was the only Technic set released by LEGO® in the first year which did not have wheels on the main model, and remains one of the very few such to this day." - From Technicopedia

Now, in 2019, 852 has returned... smoother and smaller than ever before...



  • Full studless construction - not a single stud in sight!
  • Near perfect 3/4 scale (relative to the original set).
  • Accurate collective rotor pitch control - unlike the original, where the rotor pitch is decreased when the swash plate rises.
  • Manually powered drive train - can also be motorized, as seen in the video.




See how this model evolved, find links to the instructions, share your thoughts, and more in the discussion topic:


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8. Project Cockpit

My submission is some kind of flight simulator where you can manually control a small plane. To control it, you only use the steering wheel.


  • Move up/down -> Plane moves up or down
  • Tilt forwards/backwards -> Plane tilts + elevators move accordingly
  • Turn -> Plane tilts sideways + ailerons move accordingly
  • Small wheel on the right side of the steering wheel -> turn propeller









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9. Sikorsky S-64

Model of an iconic American skycrane helicopter.


  • Motorized rotors (connected to motor at all times)
  • Motorized winch (connected to motor via engagement of a driving ring)
  • HoG steering






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10. Skycrane Helicopter


Functions (all manual):

  • Rotor and tail rotor rotation by rolling gear on bottom
  • Main rotor: joystick-based blade control
  • Winch with container, with a locking mechanism
  • Rolling wheels; the front wheel can steer



Discussion topic:

Additional photos:




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11. Boeing Stearman Kaydet PT-17

Also known as Model 75, it's a military aircraft used to train cadets (hence the name), that was built in the 1930's, in the United States. It had 2 cockpits, in order to accommodate the instructor and the student. With it's Continental R-670-5 seven-cylinder air-cooled radial engine (220 hp), it reached a top speed of 135 mph (217 km/h) and it's service ceiling was 13.200 ft (4000 m). No idea why I prefer talking about it at past tense, cause around 1500 planes are still functional, to this day.

Let's switch to some more factual data, next.

- motorized rotor
- working ailerons (front)
- working elevators (back)
- functional tail rudder

Technical Specs:
Scale: 1:19
Weight: 956g
Lenght: 46cm
Wing span: 52cm
Height: 18cm







Discussion topic:


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12. Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk in white

40158467063_8f968ebc70_c.jpgP1011730 by Chia En Lin, 於 Flickr

The Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk entered service with the U.S. Army in 1979. It is a four-bladed, twin-engine, medium-lift utility helicopter. Civilian versions are degsinated S-70. This helicopter underwent various improvements and modifications, it remains in both military and civilian service in many countries today. UH-60 can been seen in many movies and TV shows, it was made even more famous in the 2001 war film “Black Hawk Down”.

I would really like a black or grey UH-60, however I only have a small handful of black and grey panels. So it is white.



1. Motorized spinning main rotor and tail rotor (Lego M-motor).

2. Battery pack fitted inside the fuselage.

3. Manual controlled variable main rotor collective pitch.

4. Manual controlled variable main rotor cyclic pitch.

5. Manual controlled tail stabilizer angle.

6. Sliding fuselage doors.

7. Shock absorbed landing gears. 



Body Length: 90cm (nose to tail)

Total Length: 100cm (refueling probe included)

Body Width: 13cm

Total Width: 33cm

Total Height: 25cm

Rotor Diameter: 83cm


The proportions of the main body is about 90% accurate. I think. However, the weapons/drop tanks are not.

46399568524_cfcfbb03f1_z.jpgP1011757 by Chia En Lin, 於 Flickr

P1011730 by Chia En Lin, 於 Flickr

32181194267_16572f3b6b_z.jpgP1011773 by Chia En Lin, 於 Flickr





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13. Motorized BiCopter

Inspired by the Avatar this striking model has the following blend of manual and motorized functions:

- Manually operated control stick which changes the tilting angle of the ducted fans

- Motorized ducted fans with integrated one directional mechanims which keeps them spinning in only one direction, irrelevant of the powering motor's direction.

- Motorized opening cargo doors and rear ramp, actuated by a mini LA located behind the cockpit.

- Motorized winch capable of reeling a container inside the cargo space of the model.

Dimension and weight:

- Length: 52 cm

- Width: 46 cm

- Height: 19 cm

- Weight: ~ 900 grams







Entry topic:

Thank you :)

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14. Nighthawk Tribute

Nighthawk is name of LEGO Technic set 8412 that I got when I was child. I liked its tilting rotor and overall design inspired by Bell 47. Now I've built this studless tribute model that has all features of original one plus few more. And it is also alternative model built only out of parts from set 42077.


  • crank for spinning both rotors
  • lever in cockpit for tilting main rotor in two axes (this is not realistic function but it is reproduction of functionality of set 8412)
  • fake six-cylinder flat engine with moving pistons
  • adjustable seat in cockpit


  • lenght: 65 cm
  • width: 20 cm
  • height: 27 cm
  • number of parts: about 800







Discussion topic:


Edited by Tomik

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15. JAP19

Just Another Pane for TC15 2019. Quite compact, but with some functions.



  • 2D joystick
  • realistic movement of ailerons and elevation
  • manual rudder
  • rotating propeller, driven by the landing gear
  • imitaded radial engine
  • Grandpa is flying this baby



The video:

And the discussion topic:

Finally I'm done! Thanks to @Jim and @Milan for another great contest. I had my fun!


Edited by MegaRoi

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16. Hot Air Balloon
A simple, huge hot air balloon with a whopping total of 1 function.
The door in the basket can be opened and closed.
The total size is 50 cm diameter with a height of 100 cm (approximately)




WARNING: The video is quite uneventful...


And last but not least: The Discussion Topic


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17. Hunter Mk.III


  • Joystick with working ailerons and elevator
  • Full weapon load
  • Landing gear
  • 12 cylinder Napier Pocketknife engine






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