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Original temple !

I like the oriental style of this one; but why are Gandalf and Saroumane here ? You've should try to MOD them a little bit.

The base land should have benefit of some variation and elevation here and there, but that's nice. The temple is taking a great place of the build and is quite well done.

Good job !

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Judges’ comments…

So I''ll start with your presentation, top notch and you really stepped up your game there. Everything is very visible and clear. Nicely done. The temple is interesting and you incorporated a few different things and overall the quality on the temple looks very good with a solid structure. I was a little dissapointed with your terrain, everything was too flat and lacked any real detail. Overall, a solid build and look forward to seeing your progress next round!    

Well you built a temple/religious mission as a depot for weapons...and that's what we see!  When I first saw it, I did not expect a lot of room for storage of the supplies, but once we got in depth with the pictures, I was able to see more.  The temple felt a little basic, maybe try to add a few more building details; simple additions can make a world of difference.  Your terrain also felt very basic.  I appreciate the dropping of the dirt paths and non grass areas, but maybe throw in a little extra grass clum here or there.  Unless it s artificial turf or a pro sports field, grass is NEVER that perfect!  The solid background really helped to not draw away from any of your pictures, and it looks like you also had an external light source aimed at the build?  Maybe try to place the light overhead to create less shadows, but I wouldn't hold that against your score.

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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