GBW - CP9 -Balafi- The trap

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After the news of SoF weapon transportaition Routes, a team  of  balfihan soldiers  and  SWAT Team members we're sent to block the routes. In these Pictures you can see them stopping one of the convoys: 











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The quality of this build resides mostly on its photography !

Great forced perspective ! I like particularly the first picture.

The build itself has a nice rockwork, good action, that's nice.

Good job !

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Judges’ comments…

From what I can see here, you did a great job. The action shots look good and the detailing work around your trench looks awesome. But the problem is we can only see so much and its not a lot. Would have liked to have seen more of this a and overall shot to display the entire build.     

So the requirement for a Nak-Hu related build was to include a weapons depot at a religious mission.  You seem to have left out the mission and it's depot?  The terrain is all over the place and that is wicked awesome!  I see the team looking down into a ravine, engulfed with plant life and rockwork.  I would have liked to have seen an overhead view or overall shot of your build.  I think your build is a minimum of 16x16 studs, but I cannot tell 100% certain.Your pictures are fantastic; you got right up in there and grabbed some great shots!  I actually had to go looking for the background as I was so pulled into the action shots.

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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