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[GBW] - CP9 - Deland Republic - Capture of the oupost

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Our spy satellites had spotted concentrations of troops in the mountains in the mountains in the north of Tosul, that appeared to be Servants of Freedom's soldiers. The Delandian high command had planned for several weeks a plan of attack against a training camp. Many troops would be engaged in this operation, including the 27th Hercynian hunter battalion. The scout skiers of Section D would be responsible to attack and capture one of the outposts that protecting the camp.


I'm really sorry I didn't have enough time to take better pictures and write a better story, I have to give back a big file for university tomorrow. So... I return to work :hmpf_bad: 

32192668628_c8b677681b_c.jpg20181125_142316 by French-Man, sur Flickr

31125259217_8186fbd0a9_c.jpg20181125_142824 by French-Man, sur Flickr

45339819854_35c7195b68_c.jpg20181125_142941 by French-Man, sur Flickr

32192762258_17af37a5f1_c.jpg20181125_143040 by French-Man, sur Flickr

46064101591_c43ba88d4a_c.jpg20181125_143315 by French-Man, sur Flickr

31125317017_ca278032bd_c.jpg20181125_143501 by French-Man, sur Flickr

31125313657_5fd0f2c274_c.jpg20181125_143635 by French-Man, sur Flickr

46014182152_f034496ba4_c.jpg20181125_143756 by French-Man, sur Flickr

45339764624_d61c21741d_c.jpg20181125_144031 by French-Man, sur Flickr

46064044201_9fa9291fc8_c.jpg20181125_144216 by French-Man, sur Flickr

46064029781_3f5a88cbc1_c.jpg20181125_144358 by French-Man, sur Flickr

46064013461_be434cb865_c.jpg20181125_144638 by French-Man, sur Flickr

44248028920_4a2721e0a4_c.jpg20181125_145510 by French-Man, sur Flickr

This is my entry for CP9

The snowmobile is largely inspired by Alexander Stein model one.

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The snowmobile and the tree are great here !

The rockwork is simple but effective, I would add to it some variety here and ther to make it more realistic.

A good entry ! Good job ! Always nice to see Hercynian Hunters at work !

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You’ve been awarded (7) points.

Judges’ comments…

The snowmobile and the tree are definitely the high points of this build. Though small, you did fit a good amount of detail in here, I especially liked your terrain detailing with the snow. This felt a little rushed and we know you are definitely capable of more, still a solid effort.   

 I liked all of the snow details, the different angles, the 2 colored skis on the snowmobile, and the tree which looks familiar from a tutorial in the Castle forum. I think for a Campaign build, I would have liked to see a bit more (larger) from you.  I know you wanted this to be based on a training facility in Tosul, but I really don't see the connection, other than some soldiers and you telling us, this was part of the build requirements.  Your pictures are good, a solid color, contrasting color backdrop is so important and you've proven that here.  A few sections of some pics were a bit darker than planned, but live and learn.

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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