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[COR aMRCA] A Diplomatic mission

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Chapter 1: New appointments

"I believe now is the time - the diplomatic landscape is moving rapidly" Fletcher remarked with a firm nod. "But are we certain Montoya is up for the task?"

"I can hardly say, sir. All I got was this hastily scribbled note, and though I am flush with joy of my friends resurfacing in good heath, I know nothing of Montoya's state of mind." Cooke answered.

"I see. Perhaps it would be wise not to burden him too much, although his experience would come in handy..." Fletcher pondered for a moment.

"There is the young mr. Barlow..." Cooke interjected.

"Ah, indeed! I shall appoint him Junior Attaché and put him in charge of getting the expedition formed. I believe I will soon have some ships made available too!"

"The Amiable is launched and outfitted, and ready for service."

Fletcher nodded. "Ah, and here we have mr. Farley" who was waving at them. "I trust we are not running late?"

"Not at all, sirs" the seemingly always confused young gentleman said and bit them into his mansion.


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Chapter 2: Mission briefing

”Gentlemen, Corrington is falling behind,” Rear-admiral Fletcher began, somewhat abruptly. “While we have spent the last year bogged down in conflicts with pirates and our own firebrand the WTC, Oleon and Eslandola have been building diplomatic relations and exploring new lands. Now the foreign office has decided it is time for us to get in the game. Therefore, we will be sending a diplomatic mission to Terraversa.”


The words had not entirely the intended effect. Most of the men assembled were either partly aware already or had their suspicions.

“The mission will be commanded by Captain Cooke on the HMS Greyhound. On arrival, the negotiations will be led by Consul Montoya, whom we are very happy to have safely back to civilization. In his absence, preparations have been cared for by Mr Barlow.”

“Indeed,” Mr Barlow responded. “The diplomatic vessels Amiable and Concord are supplied and fully crewed. I have also collected list, maps and other information that will be of use, to share with Consul Montoya.”

As he finished, Captain Cooke continued: “The civilian vessels will be escorted, apart from the Greyhound, by the Diligence, commanded by newly promoted Commander Lavendwood (Congratulations!), and the Intrepid. Additionally, they will carry Major Vernon and his company of regulars. Make sure your men are prepared! We sail tomorrow with the tide.”

As the men started leaving, Rear-admiral Fletcher shouted: “Captain Cooke and Consul Montoya, please stay for a private word!” Finally, they were alone, but for a younger officer who had been standing in the back by the window during the briefing.


“This is Commander Sir Andrew Drake, naval intelligence,” Fletcher said. “He will travel with you on a mission of his own. Though he will be formally under your command,” he said to Cooke, “Commander Drake reports directly to me and you will assist him as far as he requires. Consul Montoya, as the ranking authority on diplomatic matters you will be kept informed of the broad lines of Commander Drake’s mission. Thus, you will have full discretion during negotiations. Needless to say, this matter is strictly confidential."


OOC: This is the delayed build to start off the aMRCA.

Picture of the room without figs:



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@Flavius Gratian @Bregir

The voyage from King's Harbour to King's Port should have been quick and uneventful. Unfortunately for the expedition, however; a strong squall struck only days after leaving port. The particularly nasty weather knocked the ships of the fleet around quite a bit and after the storm had passed Cooke surveyed the damage. His experienced eye quickly determined that the damage was largely superficial and looked much worse than it really was. The fleet would still be able to make Terraversia directly. 


Only one of the following options may be taken this turn. 

Onward to King's Port.

  • The mission is too important to delay. Press on to King's Port despite the damage. Surely the Terraversians will not take us any less seriously because of a small storm!
  • You will reach King's Port this turn
  • Show the tattered expedition arriving in King's Port. One build required.

Planning a Grand Entrance.

  • With the other powers already on Terraversia we must make a good first impression. The damage to our ships makes us appear shabby and weak. We should repair the damage before making a grand entrance to King's Port.
  • You will not reach King's Port this turn.
  • Show the fleet making temporary repairs either at sea or in a nearby non-Terraversian port. A small sum will be deducted from the treasury to cover the costs of the repairs.

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As we will also be somewhat delayed, I am hereby announcing that we will press onwards to King's Port

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The damages had been more extensive than first believed - a fallen t'gallant mast from the Greyhound had stove in a plank below the waterline on the Diligence, requiring her to be hove down for careening in a sandy cove, further delaying the squadron, which was now finally calling at King's Port. Luckily, neither the Concorde nor the Amiable had suffered any significant damage, and with the paint and gilding brought for the purpose, all ships looks as good as new standing into the busy port.


Now, the expedition would have to decide on its next steps.

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Wow ... That was some careening! Glad to see the fleet made it to kings port

Nice micro as well

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Having moored safely in the harbour of Kings Port, it was time for the mission to make its official appearance. Just like when the Olean and Eslandian missions had arrived, there was talk in town of what this meant - many Terraversians were slightly suspicious, but also felt pride that their small nation was granted the attention of the major powers in Terra Nova.


Outside the City Hall of Kings Port, where the audience would be held, our heroes made their final preparations.

"So, mr. Barlow, we shall meet Archduke Oldis and present to him our proposition. I shall let you handle negotiations here in King's Port, as shortly, Cooke and myself will take leave for Westface" Montoya said calmly. "Please recount our proposal to me."

"Our main purpose is as follows:

  • We officially recognise Terraversa as an independent nation and wishes to establish a permanent diplomatic presence here
  • This presence includes our military attachés, who will assist in training and educating Terraversan forces
    • Major Vernon and his aides will assist the army
    • Commander Morris and his retinue will join you for Westface and the Terraversan navy
  • We are most interested in some form of trade agreement, and further willing to discuss terms for some form of mutual defensive pact"

Barlow pondered for a second, and then continued:

"You and Cooke will go to Westface and recount the same offer to Admiral L'Olius. And of course, our gifts! The Amiable yacht for the Archduke and the Concord schooner for the admiral."

"Very good, mr. Barlow. And any information you can get about the Olean and Eslandian involvement will be of particular interest. But nothing underhanded, mind you!" Montoya insisted. "i have every confidence in your abilities here. Also..."

Montoya hesitated a moment, lowering his voice. "Remember, we must avoid committing to Oldis or any other individual, until we understand the political landscape here better. There seems to be some internal power struggles still settling..."


Somewhere in the back alleys, a hooded man bearing an uncanny resemblance to Sir Andrew Drake, the intelligence officer attached to the mission, was discreetly seeking information about Olean and Eslandian involvement on Terraversa, and about the power struggle between Oldis and L'Olius, putting up a considerable sum [250 dbs] and spreading the word that useful information would be rewarded.



And here the whole build:


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That cathedral looks really great! The stonework is amazing, especially in the main tower!! The photographs need a reward themselves as well. Great build

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Thanks, Fraunces! It was a pain to build such a large structure with this technique, as progress is very slow, but I think it was worth it in the end! ;)

I always like when people do full lego shots, where the background isn't visible, but you only see the built up moc, so I tried my hand here. And the pictures from a minifigs perspective makes them look quite cool, I think! It was also fun playing around with focus, although the background may have turned out a bit too blurry!

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Really nice perspective on the first shots!

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Personal Diary, I. Montoya,

Westface, Terraversa, November 11th, 619 AE

Today, we had our initial meeting with L'Olius at the city hall of Westface, and presented him with our official recognition of Terraversan Independence, and our willingness to establish lasting diplomatic relations. I did float the idea of a trade pact too. While he showed honest appreciation for our diplomatic efforts, he seemed much more taken by the Concord schooner we gifted to him personally. He leaves the impression of being more of a sea officer than a politician, with a dash of privateer about him, but there is no doubt he cares deeply for his newfound country.

The way he spoke of Oldis in Kings Port left little question as to his opinion on the Archduke, but they seem to be tolerating each other. From Cooke I learn that L'Olius is clearly a capable sea officer, and he did earn his spurs against the Mardierian fleet with some credible actions. The two of them seemed to come along famously, both being creatures of the sea.

Although committing to nothing, he did seem interested in our offer of military officers to assist in building up the standing army and navy for his young nation. I expect he will get back to us on the matter. The recent uprising near Westface may add to the appeal of our offer.

These are interesting times, although Cooke seems impatient being penned up here, while other officers take the fight to the enemy. No assurances of the importance of our mission seems to mollify him.


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The story continues! :classic:

First, allow me to comment on the prior build. That is amazing. The wall techniques, the color scheme, and the lovely clock (from Hairy Pottery?) all combine into a beautiful build, and the all-LEGO scene in particular has such a wonderful atmosphere. I had to brush up on the story, as I had largely forgotten all the who-what-when stuff.

And the latest installment of both build and story carries it on nicely. The contrast between dark and light greys is astounding, especially with the central pool, and the arched columns are really nice. I don't quite like the look of the exposed brown plates on the facade, but the other details are nice. And I like the combination of minifigs.

You have done so many nice frameless windows from transparent bricks and plates that I'm tempted to give it a try sometime.

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Good to see Montoya in action again, though I'm not sure the guys in OL court would appreciate what he's offered to l'Olius, especially that yacht, now the king Philip is pressing our shipyards to work out something comparable.

Nice buildings too.

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At a guesthouse in Westface, Cooke and Montoya were sifting through dispatches

"I have here a report from young mr. Barlow. So far, he has been unable to secure an audience with Oldis." Cooke reported with a furrowed brow.

"I am beginning to wonder if it was really coincidental that Oldis was not in attendance when we first came to Kings Port" Montoya sighed. "Have you seen any correspondence from mr.... lieutenant... ehrm... Sir Drake?"

Carefully, Cooke looked around and lowered his voice. "Only this report saying there was some interest in the bounty, but still nothing substantial. He will keep us appraised, I am sure."

"One can only hope we have news soon. We know so very little of what goes on on this island. Both Oleon and Eslandola has been meddling here for too long, and I can only wonder what manipulations they have been up to..." Montoya mused.

"Truth be told, old friend, I should rather be shot of it, Isaac. While we languish here in the comfort of diplomacy, my fellow officers are bringing the fight to the enemy, earning fame and glory for her Majesty!" Cooke slammed his fist into his hand with great vigour. "Just look at this here KPA. The Old Ironsides has won another victory! And some barbarians have dared attack our settlement in the far East..."

"Fear not Captain, I have a feeling we shall see our share of glory in time..."

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