HMS Effortless 118-gun first rate ship of the line like victory WIP

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Ahoy my fellow captains,

kind of a strange feeling to start this post, since I have been browsing this forum for more than a year now, admiring these countless pieces of art posted here. Actually, it's been my six-year-old son who constantly asked me to post our progress here - his father was a little shy and reluctant to do so, since he is never truly satisfied with his construction and still in awe regarding your astonishing models.

But, you know, "Arrrrghh", what the heck, no need to hide anymore, I've been utterly in love with LEGO since I got my first bricks and can still vividly remember sitting on my child room's floor next to my brother, listening to "ALF" cassettes and (re-)build our barracuda for the 100th time.. The first pictures show the results of my sons' and my christmas-constructing period of 2016. Ever since, we weren't really happy with its form and as we were blown away by the exellency of ships like the  "Le Fleuron" or the "Sang Royale" (and especially, of course, Cpt. Greenhair's unbelievably helpful ideas - THANK YOU, CAPTAIN!!), we wanted to do it differently this time.

The pictures after the "Barracuda" show the process of our current project with the (according to my most patient, wonderful and tolerant wife...) fitting title "HMS Effortless".

I think you know this feeling of always finding something to improve... lately, it's the positioning of the masts - the distance between the fore-mast and the mainmast seems to be too far.

Please let us know what you think and where you see room for further improvement - my son and I are happy about every feedback!


First the "old" Barracuda:





And this is supposed to be legendary HMS Victory's "secret" sister ship, the HMS Effortless:











(The balcony was my son's wish :wink:)

It's planned to give her full rigging, sails and of course the many missing details she deserves. it's always a question of time and money :hmpf:

Here are more pics from her construction so far as well as more of the Barracuda.

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What a great way to introduce yourself! Welcome to Eurobricks!

The ship looks awesome!

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Such a remarkable difference between the designs! It's breathtaking. 

I also am a major fan of play-ability over historical perfection, so the fact that the sides hinge out really excites me. I hope you're planning on finishing this one.





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Nice job, I never thought it was possible to build such a large ship with prefabs, you just proved me wrong. The openable side gallery is a clever feature, and it should certainly enhance playability. The distance between the main and foremast is good, if you aren't content with the current arrangement, I think you may consider to displace the mizzen mast further aft. 

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Wahou, this is not a small part ! Very nice. What is its weight at this time ?

I hope you will come to post the next steps until the end of the MOC.

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Posted (edited)

Wow, what a nice project!!!

I was blown away by the pictures, especially compared to your Old Barracuda. The difference is huge!!!


Anyway, good luck with the rest! You got a huge supporter here :)

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On 12/31/2018 at 5:49 AM, Buccaneero said:



Little New Years update!

Happy new year to all of you!

Can't wait to see rigging and sails on this bad boy!

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here are some updates on the rigging ( ... mainly due to a cruciate ligament rupture ...) :pir_wacko:








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Very impressive work. I love the shape, size and overall look of your ship. It's a massive beast!!

Have fun with the rigging (been there and it's a bit of work :)).

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