75220 Sandcrawler MOD WIP

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I just couldn't resist to post a couple WIP pictures of my improved Sandcrawler. I purchased two of the new light bricks from B&P and incorporated them into the design. There are still some orders pending to arrive to finish the interior and some features but the lights look really nice.



For the exterior I just performed the usual gap filling and increased detailing of surfaces. I will post more pictures once it's finished but feel free to ask if you want to see any specific area.

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I just bought one of this sandcrawler set and already planning to do some mods. Could you please share more pictures of yours?




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Oh this one is great! I‘d love to see how built the windows in the cockpit part. I was about to mod the 75220 aswell but I failed in a first try.

thanks to @Taro for bringing this one up again!

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I'm so sorry guys, I should have posted pictures after completion but you know, real life got in the way. You can find below more pictures (quick and dirty) showing (some) features, the interior is cramped with things. Let me know if you wish to have more detailed pics of any area.

Top view. The green highlight shows the button to activate the rear light brick. Pretty concealed. 




The steering mechanism still works perfectly, although I had to reinforce with extra pieces the whole system due to the extra weight once finished.


"Head" details.



Here you can see the front lightbrick.




Access to the pilot area is opened now.



There is a second crane (yellow and folded) in the rear "wing" lifted up. The oven light up with a nice orange/yellowish light, it is not activated but you can see the light brick just left to the printed tile with gauges and indicators.


I hope this helps.



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Hi Paul

Thanks for posting the images. Your mods to this set looks really good. Congratulations!

I will work on my set, and will definitely do some modifications on my own inspired on yours. Will post images when ready.



Edited by Taro

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