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Hi Folks, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving if you were US based. Just finished moving and getting things unpacked, now with my collection more accessible I'm going to work on getting you all some sets for the test quest. I do want to comment that the names/organizations used for the quest test are simply place-holders. I don't have any finalized lore determined yet, but I would like to stay away from using existing LEGO company story-lines. They tend to limit creativity and force QM's into boxes that I think could be better explored. That said, certain LEGO faction aesthetics lend themselves to certain personalities, so yes Blacktron is easy to make a morally gray faction due to their color scheme. Space Police have colors and pieces somewhat geared toward law enforcement. These associations will understandably be difficult to ignore, so I don't think its inexcusable if people create similar backgrounds for the existing factions.

On the subject of what to do with the "Heroica" like faction, because we're running essentially a "West Marches" style game, we need a central hub for all characters to start their journey out with. Mercenary organisations just tend to be a good fit for that criteria as it allows for a multitude of backgrounds, motivations, and skills.

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Agree 100% w/WBD.

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Ever since it was mentioned that the next iteration of Heroica would be set in a science fiction setting, I have been watching with great interest (cue Palpatine).

I can't currently commit to any testing (sorry), but I figure the testing should be done by players who are already familiar with Heroica 1.0 who can leverage their previous experiences with the new updates.

My bricks are still a giant unsorted mess from a recent move, but I have access to my minifigures and their accessories so I couldn't help but do some figbarfing (and character creation) out of excitement for 2.0.  Please feel free to use the images (and/or characters) for your tests or as NPCs or whatnot.  The images themselves are links, and are public and available on Flickr.




Dola Solomon
Lieutenant Solomon served in the Awarshi Alliance as a marine during the Jestilair Conflict for three tours, earning medals and promotions for conspicuous bravery under fire.  Afterwards, she was unable to settle into a peacetime military career behind a desk so she resigned her post, packed up her kit, and made her way out here to sell her services to the highest bidder.




Captain H. Justice
Lawful Good has never had a hero more lawfuler or gooder than Captain H. Justice!  He'll defeat the forces of evil and bring justice and order to the galaxy, or his first name isn't Captain (really), his middle name isn't Honor, and his last name isn't Justice!




Taminy "Seraphim" Wong
Resplendent in her shining white battle armor, Taminy Wong is a feared mercenary and bounty hunter.  Her armor, combined with her reputation for using her jetpack to soar over the battlefield and swoop in for close range combat acrobatics, have earned her the nickname "Seraphim".




Not much is known about the cyborg Rho.  Other mercenaries who have worked with him describe his demeanor as "quiet and creepy".  However, regarding his combat abilities, they speak highly, detailing his close combat prowess and how he has charged into enemy positions shredding his opponents mercilessly with his right arm and come out victorious, but covered in gore.

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