[GBC] Combining PV-Productions' 42055 builds

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Hey there, I might be coming into the possession of two copies of the big wheel excavator in the near future, and I've been looking to see what else I might be able to do with them other than using the A/B builds in tandem with each other. This eventually lead me to the various GBC builds and related videos, as well as looking through some of the existing threads here. The result of this pouring over of info has left me with a question I couldn't find an answer to: Is there any way to combine the Mining Plant and Mine Factory GBC modules in such a way that each of the major elements gets used within the loop? The only thing I've found that uses both was a video, where they were used in tandem at a convention, but in those cases, the way they were set up, most of the elements within each module were skipped. Part of me would like to see some kind of weaving motion going on where the two are combined into one big module, with the moving arm on the mine factory splitting the paths of the balls which eventually leads to one side of the conveyor or the other within the mining plant module, and then, to keep the circuit closed when it's only those two modules together, figure out a way to make both outputs on the mining plant return to the arm of the mine factory for re-distribution.

Also, first post.

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You would probably have to ask PV-Productions on that one if you have bought the instructions off them.

The best advice I can really give you, is to build them and then start experimenting, see what you can up with. That is the beauty of LEGO.

Welcome to the forums!

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