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Saw this photo on reddit:


The hair is absolute perfection with the face. I always wonder what Redbeard or Broadside would look like without a hat. 

Are there any hair pieces that can match this level of perfection with pirate figures?

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Great! The hairstyle is perfect for the Ice Planet commander.
For me a very nice surprise was the piece 25378 "Minifig, Hair Tousled with Long Bangs"
(-> Cole's relaxed hairstyle from the recent Ninjago Movie)

It works wonderfully on any pirate with black facial hair.{"color":11,"iconly":0}

And of course any variant of the 95226 "Minifig, Hair Swept Back with Short Ponytail"
(-> Will Turner, Mr.Gibbs from POTC, the haircut was designed to be a pirate haircut so it must be good){"color":88,"iconly":0}

  The Dark-orange one is fantastic on the new captain redbeard.

Also 18166 "Minifig, Hair Long Mullet with Banded Top Knot (Hunter Orc)"{"color":11,"iconly":0}


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