[COR-FB] WTC Offices

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Location: Mesabi Landing

Type: Large Commercial

Perhaps the most important section of Mesabi Landing was the offices of the WTC

45141480724_0b4816ab33_z.jpgWTC offices by North White, on Flickr

Inside, important WTC members waited for appointments.

45816499462_3874e56d4f_z.jpgWTC offices by North White, on Flickr

"How long does Tony have to wait before the meeting?" Said Tony

"Mr. Mordo is a busy man." Said Cheryl, the secretary.

"I feel like we been here since historical times..." Said Captain Angles. 

30926800907_83b2b26d50_z.jpgWTC offices by North White, on Flickr

Upstairs, important matters were discussed using candles

45141480014_d245d45ebf_z.jpgWTC offices by North White, on Flickr

Meanwhile, Joseph Zumbro showed off WTC products after being fired in disgrace from the RNSD 

30926801137_ac43a7d9f8_z.jpgWTC offices by North White, on Flickr

Mordo paced in his office, contemplating the official policy on "mystery meat" WTC products. He then set off for his meeting with Angles and Tony

45141479514_b728a5c0ec_z.jpgWTC offices by North White, on Flickr

Mordo arrived at his meeting on the rooftop garden to find Captain Angles alone. 

"Where's Tony? This is an important meeting!" Said Mordo,

"We have urgent and sinister plans to discuss..." He finished.


(to be continued....)

Thanks for viewing my new build! I originally built this for GoH, but I'm recycling it here with a few modifications. C&C appreciated!

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Consort Taliesin the Lightbringer was escorting by rail a delivery of ten cases of fine uisge to Mr. Mordo. In between the bottles were stuffed translated copies of centuries old Crahaish neh Triuri maps.

"Tha mi an dòchas gu y rhain cadw Mesabi prysur," Taliesin commented to one of the Truachesh security personnel hired to ensure safe delivery.

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"Mr. Mordo, Sir!" a WTC Marine interrupted the meeting. "There is a weird stranger offering us a gift. Some crate full of what looks like an alcoholic beverage, but I am not sure."


Mordo replied angrily: "Dammit, not even five minutes of peace to plan world domination! Fine, get the stuff inside, and offer him this deal: we will take his drink in commission. If it sells well in our WayMarts, he can set up business with us. Let him explain what his plans are for further deals with the WTC. Now leave us alone!"


@gedren_y How does Taliesin reply? PM me for any questions or suggestions, IC reply should be public in this thread. :classic:

Edited by Drunknok

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When the WTC Marines arrived at the unloading area all ten cases of uisge had been unloaded, and Consort Taliesin was performing a blessing ritual on the cases. The marines watched mildly confused. When Taliesin came to the end of his ritual he tapped a letter affixed to one of the cases, gave a smile and a cheery wave, the departed with his cohorts as quickly as possible.

The highest ranking marine opened the letter, and read it aloud.

To The Venerable Leaders of Mesabi Landing:

We the Crahaish neh Triuri have been impressed of late with Mesabi Landing's fostering of goodwill between all peoples, most notably the celebration of Oktoberfest in your fair city. In our appreciation we have sent ten cases of fine uisge help replenish what must be a somewhat depleted supply of good drink. We hope you find the contents enlightening.

High Priestess Ylsbeth the Starcatcher

He quickly refolded the letter, and ordered his men to get the crates into the storeroom. With trepidation he returned to Mr. Mordo's office to deliver the letter.

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