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3rd in the series of my Ultimate models, here's  the fully remote controlled version of the Lego(r) Technic 42082 (released in the summer of 2018). Just as with the Ultimate 8043and the Ultimate 42009, the goal was to make all of the essential functions remote controlled using only Power-functions parts and make building instructions for it. All the motorized functions can operate simultaneously.


The remote controlled functions are:


  • Driving with running fake-engine
  • Steering
  • 3 steering modes: all-wheel, front wheel and crab-steering modes
  • Outriggers
  • Rotation of upperstructure
  • Lifting/lowering the arm
  • Extending/retracting the arm
  • Lifting/lowering the hook


Manual-functions that were kept from the original model:


  • Opening the grey tool-doors on the side
  • Opening the cabin-door
  • Fitting the outrigger-pads in the vehicle


The 4-wheel-drive was kept intact, but unfortunately, the space in the 2 compartments where the chests with the chains and tools were stored, was used to place a batterybox and PF-receivers, so the chests don't fit anymore.

Compete building instructions are available on my website












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Ahhh, i was hoping for a mechanical solution to the steering modes that i hadn't thought of.. partly because i need a no-slop solution, but also to be ultimate, two server motors isn't really offering 'modes', just free-form steering axles?

Also, is there a central diff in there.. if not the front-only 'mode' will torque it up and blow it apart (as will slightly mis-aligned server motors in any format..)

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