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Homecoming to Illaryian

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Location: Illaryian

Fufills: Task 1D (home/residence)

The rower navigated Captain Mesabi to the dock. 

44903794205_a77f6e92a5_z.jpgHomecoming by North White, on Flickr

"We're here." Said the rower, raising his oars. 

31945829858_b11391f8be_z.jpgHomecoming by North White, on Flickr

"Payment is in the briefcase. As always, thank you for your discretion." 

44903795035_da8a6f65dc_z.jpgHomecoming by North White, on Flickr

The Captain walked up the dock and towards his house. 

31945830688_8794dc0a96_z.jpgHomecoming by North White, on Flickr

Inside, his wife, Agnes greeted him. "The 'shipment' is in the basement." She said with a smile. "Thanks, hon." Said the Captain. 

31945829608_b5924927b0_z.jpgHomecoming by North White, on Flickr

The Captain walked upstairs and through the study.

30876912547_bc84a07cab_z.jpgHomecoming by North White, on Flickr

He crossed the bridge between the Mesabi Mansion, and the commercial building next door. We really need a tunnel. he thought. 

44903794775_abda08320a_z.jpgHomecoming by North White, on Flickr

He arrived in the basement, where a Kolgari lay chained to a murderslab. McCoy, one of his staff, stood guard. 

45767400872_be693beb17_z.jpgHomecoming by North White, on Flickr

"Evening, McCoy," Said Mesabi, "I've got the serum."

"Good to hear, torture takes so damn long." Said McCoy. 

45767399672_d5795c5271_z.jpgHomecoming by North White, on Flickr

Mesabi took a dropper from the bottle, and brought it to the Kolgari. He dropped a single drop into the Elf's mouth. 

30876913237_9d2a78f5ac_z.jpgHomecoming by North White, on Flickr

"Now, where is the Sunken City?" asked Captain Mesabi. 

"I don't want to tell you. " Said the Elf

"WHERE IS THE SUNKEN CITY!?!?" Yelled the Count.

"It's, It's, I don't know." He said.

"Why don't you know?" Asked the Captain, visibly frustrated. 

"They took my memories when they cast me out." Said the elf in a monotone.

"Why'd they take your memory?" Asked the Captain

"So I could never return. I violated there laws. I killed another Kolgari. They cast me out." He continued in monotone. 

"Do you have anything useful to tell us?" Asked the Captain.

"I know a recipe for soup that..."

The Captain cut him off. "McCoy? you know what to do."

30876912747_24c0d493b2_z.jpgHomecoming by North White, on Flickr

"And remember, try not to waste too much of the blood. We do have quotas to meet." Said the Captain.

"Understood, Sir."

30876913497_81a610758a_z.jpgHomecoming by North White, on Flickr

Later, the Captain stood in the rooftop garden of his mansion. His wife, Agnes, joined him. 

"I wonder if we'll ever get them back." Said the Captain.

"Of course we will." Said Agnes. "You and me together." 

"I do hope so..." Said the Captain. 



30876913907_b0aaa2f820_z.jpgHomecoming by North White, on Flickr

Thanks for viewing my introduction to GoH. Please let me know what you think of my builds, and my story. As with BoBS, I plan to continue my usual style of Chaos. :devil_laugh:

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Compared to some of the builds we’ve seen it lacks some polish, but in a retro way that is evocative of old Lego sets. I like the bridge linking the mansion and commercial building and the build sets up the story well. I look forward to more Varylian scheming. I am also intrigued as to how they find the sunken city and what they do with the elf blood. Looking forward to he next installment of this story!

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Welcome to the guilds!  I think you have chosen your guild well--Varlyrio will definitely be the place for all your plotting!  As Muakhah said, there are a few rough edges to the build, but you manage to hide a lot of that through closeups.  I think if you were to clean up a lot of the edges, such as putting another layer of yellow bricks next to the large windows to make them flush with the wall, it would help.  The dark grey plates are great for stone, but you can make something look like a cobblestone street with a bunch of grey tiles, things like that.  Of course, all these things take bricks, so on a limited brick inventory, this is just fine.  I really appreciate that you have taken what you have and built with it, even if you don't have 2.5M bricks.  The story is awesome, and I look forward to reading more!  Thanks for sharing!

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Certainly sounds like someone not to be messed with! Lovely story, love the little touches for example the tower raising the oars, adds a lot of depth.

Others have pointed out that the builds are a little basic, but it's your first GoH entry so plenty of time to develop your building style as time progresses.

Hope to see more of the chaos left in Captain Mesabi's wake!

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Nice job.  I like the story and the buildings are pretty good.  I like the red and black one better than the yellow one as i think you could have used another color to help break up the yellow as I think it stands out to much.  Nice waterway and arches.  Also nice torture chamber.  

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Nice work portraying a Varlyrio city scene, the story is a bit brutal but I do wonder what happens next.  I like the people you made walking along the street! 

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Nice first start for the GoH! Welcome to the guilds. 


I like the bridge and the water. Looks great! 


Some more lightning when you are taking the photos would make the presentation better. 

Keep up the good work :)

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There are some pretty terrific things to like here, such as the exposed brick under the bridge, the use of a SNOTed 2x4 slope on the yellow house, the detailed interiors, and of course the story. The size of the build is also impressive. There are also areas in which you can improve. As this is the Guilds of Historica, I will make sure that all criticism is constructive! The uneven floors inside the buildings, and correspondingly uneven ceilings, seem rough and almost sloppy; it would be better to make sure that all of the plates are on the same level, and if there are layers of plates, that they remain constant for the whole layer. There seem to be a bunch of bricks placed in odd places, especially in the yellow house; these are probably meant for support for the upper levels, but they are visually out of place. I would try to find a way to support the upper stories without having out-of-place bricks. I also would prefer to see the floors and surfaces tiled, but that takes a bunch of pieces and your collection might not support it. The final thing I will mention is that Captain Mesabi should fire his interior decorator - a yellow couch in a yellow room? How tacky! (If it was his wife, well, he should find a polite way to say that, so he doesn't end up on the street, but you know...)

Welcome to the Guilds! I hope to see more of you around here. 

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Rather unusual to see yellow buildings in the guilds, but you got it to work :thumbup: The harbor area is my favorite portion with the stone wharf walls and bridge.
Brutal storyline :oh:

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