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Hi everyone
May I introduce myself.

I'm Hans,
60 years, maried, 3 kids and four awesome granddauchters from 3 months to 10 years
I live in Arnhem, The Netherlands (yes the town where it went wrong with that Bridge too Far)
I'm a technician and I repair vintage electronics for a profession.
Most of this work is on pinball machines :-) *

I was raised with Fischer Technic, Lego was a toy only back then.
However my kids didn't like it, the superiority over Lego went down too and the payability was low.
So some years ago I sold my whole collection and invested al that money in Lego.

My personal favorites are Cranes, bulldozers etc.
Yes, I own all the big ones :-)
Second is Star Wars and I have a real load of that too.

* Most asked question, why not build a pinball machine from Lego?
Uhm sorry, it's will never even come close to the real games.
Only possibility is build it as non functional show model.

What I really would like to construct is a Mammoet SPMT, fully functional.
Now that won't be easy.

Any questions?
Please tell me.

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Welcome to EB, coinoperator!

Sounds like you have an interesting profession, and an interesting path into Lego as well.

As you noted, a Lego pinball machine won't be as good as the real thing, but there are some pretty excellent versions out there nonetheless.  Here's a simple mechanical one as well as one that has a lot of electronics and programming:

Happy building!  :classic:

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Welcome to Eurobricks!

There are many MOCs of pinball machines out there, you could always have a look.

Star Wars is my favourite :tongue:

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Hallo Hans,

Welcome to Eurobricks!

It's always good to see new members here and I hope to see your name posting in future.

As others have mentioned, there have been pinball machines made entirely out of Lego. I'd post you a link to the video on Youtube that I watched of a great one, but alas I'm at work currently and can't do so.

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself.

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