[MOC] Internet Café - 10260 Downtown Diner B-Model

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Instructions available here.

I'm sure I'm not the only who on one hand appreciated the different direction Lego took with the DD design, but on the other hand found it hard to incorporate seemlessly into an existing town layout, since the architectural style is so distinct. So I set out to rebuild the set in a style more resembling the other modulars. And the result is the Internet Café Corner Modular.

I almost gave up halfway through when I realized there wasn't enough bricks to build all the side walls I wanted, but in the end I managed to scrape together enough pieces to build everything I set out to.

The first floor contains a couple computers to use for internet access and a small café with free Wi-Fi. The second floor has some living space and the rooftop a small garden.


















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On 11/10/2018 at 6:42 PM, CopperTablet said:

Excellent work.  B-models were one of my favorite parts of 80s-90s Lego and you have proudly carried on the tradition.

As a kid, I was really into Bionicle when the first wave hit and I absolutely loved that you could combine three of the figures to form a larger one. I always thought that it was a shame you could only build 1 thing from any given set (I suppose I would have loved 3in1 we have today). And it's the same now that I am older - while I love displaying the sets, they do get kind of stale after some time. Having alternate models allows me to rebuild the street into completely different buildings without mixing pieces together, in case I want to go back to the original set. And I suppose if I had a bit more spending cash, I might consider buying two sets to display alongside each other - one original and one alternate.

On 11/11/2018 at 10:37 AM, jus1973 said:

That’s really good.  No extra pieces used? I miss B models.  

Yep, no extra pieces at all. I opened the box, removed the spares and built from the rest. Then I crosschecked all of the required pieces against Rebrickable's Inventory to make sure everything is there.

On 11/11/2018 at 2:57 PM, LegoSjaak said:

I like how you used the curved teal parts for the WiFi sign on the facade! Nice!

I didn't even think about it when I made it! I was just playing around, thinking what could I make with that particular teal piece as it doesn't really connect to anything well. Originally, I wanted to put two of these pieces above one another to form an incomplete circle - and then put something into that circle as a decoration. But it turned out that would require way more space than I originally thought. 

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