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No Man's Sky Starfighter

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I decided to bite the bullet and pick one of the design variations from my Modular Starfighter MOC, and build it. I had to do a lot of cross-checking of parts on Rebrickable, but managed to come up with a solid design/style that I was happy with, and then went and ordered all the pieces on


This is the final design I came up with:

Buildable Starfighter 01

There are some slight modifications to this design, mainly due to the restricton of parts, but the biggest change was the landing struts. I was never really satisfied with how they were on the original MOC design. With this ship the struts actually retract/rotate into the undercarriage as seen in this pic:

Buildable Starfighter 02


I'll post some photos of the finished product once all the parts arrive. For anyone interested, the total cost of the parts (1084 pieces) was around £165 including shipping fees on Brick Owl. Some of the part modifications I made drastically dropped the price down. The original design was coming in at nearly twice the price initially!


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