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Grey Magistrate

[MOC] Nexo Knights -- Axl's Spider Foundry

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These are dark times for Knighton.  The vampirates grow increasingly aggressive, and Princess Macy's crusader army is bleeding the royal treasury dry.  Desperate people are turning to desperate measures, and in a foundry in the old quarter of the original castle, Axl is seeking answers -- and power.  Soon he will find both.



Prime Minister Jestro has been leading a double life -- by day he serves as a faithful steward to King Halbert, but by night he masquerades as a vampirate.  Only King Halbert and Robin are aware of his covert activity.  Not even Princess Macy knows his secret, so when Jestro reveals that the vampirates have split their forces and she has a chance to deal them a devastating blow, she is initially doubtful -- but then decides to trust him, and leaves to direct the whole of her crusader army to ambush the vampirate detachment.



Axl also has no idea that Jestro was responsible for capturing the vampirates' Pandora Gate, but Axl is happy to accept a delivery of spiders from Robin, no questions asked.



This was exactly what Axl needed for his experiments.  Such research is highly expensive, but Lance has agreed to foot the bill, using the proceeds from his illegal lava mine.



A little reprogramming here, a little resoldering there, and then into the flames!



Before long, the spiders have been transformed -- but into what?  And why are they multiplying?



Well, there is no need to worry, so long as the spiders stay safe within their cage...



...uh oh...



The orange spiders have rendered a dramatic transformation upon the royal guard.  But besides his giant size, he seems no worse for the wear.  Axl knows he should take the guard to the infirmary to reverse the condition, but...



...maybe this is exactly the breakthrough technology Axl needs to fight off the vampirates.  The orange spiders grant super strength -- and unquestioning loyalty.



Robin is horrified when he discovers what Axl has done and carries an order, under the authority of Prime Minister Jestro, that Axl immediately cease his research.  Axl is enraged at this threat to scientific progress and marches off to confront PM Jestro.



Axl barges in just as Jestro is returning from his latest infiltration of the vampirates, in the middle of telling King Halbert what he has discovered.  Axl is shocked.  There had been rumors that Jestro was a vampirate traitor, and this proves it!



Axl turns to his loyal shock troops and orders the Prime Minister's immediate arrest.



King Halbert and Robin try in vain to explain that Jestro was only pretending to be with the vampirates.  Queen Halbert rushes in to defend her husband, too.  But Axl refuses to listen.  Axl is sure that Jestro has put all of them under his evil sway.  Everyone needs to be taken into custody -- for their own protection.



The accidental coup unfolds so quickly that it only gradually dawns on Axl what he has done...



...and that now the capital is his alone.




Previous episodes:

#1 -- Ava's Stone Embassy

#2 -- Lance's Lava Mine

#3 -- Macy's Fortified Chapel

#4 -- Jestro's Pandora Gate

Five episodes down, three to go!

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{laughs out loud} Accidental coup . . this is brilliant! ^^

Five down and three to go? I'm expecting one for Robin next, maybe? Clay will be one of the last two - oh, Aaron! You haven't done Aaron yet. 

{counts} All six knights plus Ava plus Jestro . . yep, eight. Can't wait!

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