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[MOD] 9495 Y-Wing

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I have no idea why I've never posted this up, but I did this a couple of years ago and I know it's been in the background of a few updated minifigure photos but thought it finally needs to be shared with the world.

Never bothered buying the Rogue One Y-Wing that was released a few months after I completed this simply for the fact that I couldn't be bothered going through all this again haha. My main area of contention was the cockpit. I've never understood why Lego have never made it look like the original UCS one (which was accomplished with stickers). The Y-Wing cockpit is all about a huge roof and small windows, so I found replica stickers for the UCS Y-wing courtesy of Ebay and applied them to this one. With a lengthening of the rear of the cockpit and having the windows all at the same height as the cockpit section I think it's a massive improvement. If Lego were producing this sticker set for the UCS version, why couldn't they have supplied it with the System-scale version? It works perfectly for it, it looks so much sleeker and less bulbous. I don't feel the Rogue One cockpit is much better than 9495's original and was shocked to see that the new UCS Y-Wing is actually less accurate the original UCS stickers in having lost the first window pane on each side which for me really makes the cockpit.

The interior got a few small cosmetic updates too.



Then I got to work on the greebling. Lots and lots of greebling. Obviously at this scale, there's only so much you can squeeze on, and I used plenty of artistic licence but wanted it to look as rough and ready as the "real" thing. Lots of old printed pieces in use between the piping. The bomb-bay is still there, but now has a trap door at the top to cover it, though I removed the original missiles to replace them with piping and provide space for the landing gear.



As you can see, full retractable landing gear which is both very solid and really close to being movie-accurate. And infinitely better than it landing on inverted sloped bricks.






Finally, we have the nacelles, which feature both the original stickers and the Rogue One Y-Wing's just to give it variety and cover them completely. I took influence from the Rogue One Y-Wing for the end of the engines, but added criss-crossed steering plates within them. I concede that they had to be X shaped instead of + shaped, but you know, there's limitations. Now I do admit, I did cheat a tiny bit. The steering plates are comprised of a LBG lightsaber bar connected to a mechanical claw clip bar which gives you a T shape, however the for the remain length, which needs to be a 1L bar, which Lego don't make... I filed down a lightsaber bar. Is absolutely perfect... just sadly a part that doesn't exist. However it's so close to existing (Lego simply need to shorten a piece that currently exists), I don't feel too guilty.



"There she is, my pride and joy... the Millen... er... the 9495 Y-Wing"



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Great! your MOC captures MF scale and feature very well, and yes, the cockpit is the highlight. Very impressive ad inspiration for the clone wars republic bomber.

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Wow, the landing gear looks great! I did that to my 8037. The cockpit also looks a lot better now. I like it!

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