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Ross Fisher

[OL - FB] Celeste Dupré pens a letter

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Celeste Dupré pens a letter

Letter from Duchess Celeste Dupré to Guérin Godefry de Tourment dated 3 November, 618.

My darling Guérin, I hope you are well!

It has been too long, simply too long since we last met! How is your darling wife? We miss her dreadfully at my salon. Please tell her the conversation is simply drab without her charming sparkle.

And your daughter, she must be nearly of an age? When do you plan to let her debut in society? You must allow me the honour. I will throw Granoleon's finest gala ball for her. 

I am so sorry to hear of your son's sickness. I will send my best physician to you as soon as he is ready to travel. I know the boy has his father's strength, and I have faith that, with the grace of the gods, he will recover.

But I am afraid I have a silly request to make of you. It's my little brother. Not the priest; I hear the Order plans to promote him after some business in the colonies, to Abbaye or something? No, we need to do something about the baby of the family, young Pierre

Possibly you have heard the nickname he has been lumbered with? "Le Chevalier de la Chasse" - so humiliating! As if he was some sort of debauchee. His vices don't even compare to those of his peers in the provinces. Like that Hollande fellow, scandalous!

Oh, I agree the fellow needs to change his ways, become a productive citizen of Oleon. But he can hardly do that under the cloud he is suffering with. 

To that end I am asking you to invest him with a rank. Make "Chevalier" more than a mockery. Give him a position he can apply himself to. I know you can. And you do owe me a favour or two. More than one member of your family owes their necks to the gentle words I had with the crown after that debacle during the Juniper Wars. And let's not forget, there are a few secrets of yours that I have been graceful enough not to share with your wife. Please, help me Guérin, you're my only hope.

Your affectionate,
Celeste Dupré

P.S. It occurs to me that you may not know the François family crest - we've been out of favour for a long time. It is, I am given to understand; A falcon displayed parted per pale azure and argent on a field counterparted argent and azure. I trust that you can make sense of that? I certainly can't. [1]

OOC, this is my request to the Oleon leadership for a promotion for my Sig. Being a clergyman, he cannot accept a noble title. But his little brother can! And perhaps you can see to it that the Padré receives an appropriate commensurate rank at the same time?

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16 minutes ago, Drunknok said:

everybody and his lap dog

Yes but this lapdog is a lieutenant in the Royal Musketeers, and the king's old drinking buddy. If he can't get a knighthood, who can?

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Monsieur Guérin,

I learned from our common friend, madame la duchesse de Dupré that there is some discontent about young Pierre's rank. Or more precisely the title of "chevalier de la chasse", monsieur, I'm afraid that there should be some misunderstanding. First, the knighthood has never been considered as a rank, but an honorific title awarded to those who have contributed actively to the glory of our empire. You should regard it as an honour, rather than an insult. 

The recent accomplishment of Padre François has gained him the favour of the court and we'll be more than pleased if he could pay us a visit, to discuss his ecclesiastic advancement, and the granting of an appropriate rank to monsieur Pierre.


Duc d'Ablette, le ministre des colonnies

PS: You may affix your family's crest in your signature if you so wish.

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Celeste Dupré pens a letter

Letter from Duchess Celeste Dupré to Berart Mazan, Duc de Boussac, dated 16 December, 619.

My darling Berart,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the coming-of-age ceremony of my younger son, Hercule Dupré (named for his maternal uncle). He is a big fan of yours, and I was hoping you could do us the great honour of conferring his rank as the of Baron of Boudenelles as part of the festivities? It's only a minor family title, I know, but he is so very fond of you.

The job would normally fall to his spiritual guardian, but when his paternal uncle eloped with that milkmaid last year, it put us in a bit of a bind. I have a brother in the service who would do the job splendidly, but he is off on the Brick Seas playing football or being made a Canon or something, and can't make it back in time.

I just know he would love to have you with us on the day. Please do RSVP as soon as you can. Let us know how many guests you would like to bring. 

Celeste, Duchess Dupré

This is my formal request for a promotion for the Abbé François. It's over a year since I asked for his last one. Since then he has celebrated Merrymornfound the weapon of Zeus, built a treasury for it, built a fort, been imprisoned in that fort, raised money for the church roofbuilt a temple of Poseidon on heathen shores, and listened to stories of the Great Alliance States.

This promotion would make him a Canon, in line with the Baronetcy that his nephew would inherit.

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