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Do you collect LEGO Star Wars sets and minifigures?  Are you a Star Wars army builder?  Do you need some Star Wars gifts for the holiday season?

...well, keep reading!

After many years of collecting, I have amassed an extraneous collection of Star Wars LEGO builds and minifigures.
When I was younger, I had some friends that collected Star Wars sets and minifigures, so I got into it with them and sort of kept it up through college.
I really do not have much LEGO time anymore and my LEGO-related interest is in building MOCs mostly in the Castle theme, so this Star Wars collection is for sale.

Available are three groups:
PREQUELS: Episodes I, II, III (Group Price = $3000, includes builds and minifigures)
TRILOGY: Episodes IV, V, VI (Group Price = $2000, includes builds and minifigures)
CLONEWARS: Clone Wars (Group Price = $1000, includes builds and minifigures)

All currency is in USD or United States Dollars
Shipping to continental USA will be free.  I would prefer not to ship this order internationally, but I may be willing to consider it at buyer's cost.

This image is the first landing image in the album.

I have a set list on Rebrickable that covers most of this, though please keep in mind that it is not as good a reference as the pictures. 
There also may be some items on the Rebrickable list that are not included in the sale, as there are a few sets I plan to keep that are Star Wars related.
At the time of this posting, Rebrickable values this collection around $7500 for a very loose reference.

The pictures in this Flickr album cover everything offered.  They are titled based on the group they fall under.
All picture titles starting with "123" are in group PREQUELS
All picture titles starting with "456" are in group TRILOGY
All picture titles starting with "CW" are in group CLONEWARS

Pictures are in a specific order, with an overall group photo of builds or minifigures followed by detail photos where needed.
Builds are shown first for each group (no minifigures included in these pictures), and minifigures for each group come after the builds.
Many of the instruction booklets will be included, though they are not pictured.  If you want to know specifically about the availability and condition of instruction booklets, please ask in a PM.
I also have quite a few boxes for these sets, though not nearly all of them.  These will be included for their respective sets.  Parts and minifigures will be shipped packed in the boxes to save on shipping space.  If you want to know about the availability and condition of boxes, again please ask in a PM.

The descriptions should be fairly distinct about condition, though I can safely say that these are all in excellent condition or good used condition.  All old, marred, nicked, bitten, discolored, etc. parts have been removed (except the cracked slave Leia torso...).  Some of the older parts were played with, but most of this entire lot is an adult collection that has been built, disassembled, and stored.  Some parts and minifigures are from Bricklink/eBay purchases, but I have verified that all parts are in excellent/good condition.

Please note that I took these pictures in May of 2016 with the intent to try to sell then.  Life got busy, and I never posted the lot for sale.  Since then, The Star Wars collection has been stored in plastic tubs in my basement in the same area as the rest of my LEGO collection.

Please send me a PM with any questions/interest.  Feel free to make any requests, though I really would rather sell these lots complete rather than parted down.
If we work out a sale, I will send a money request through Paypal with the order total.  I will NOT accept payment as a gift or money to family to avoid the Paypal fee.
To make it simple for the buyer, I will pay the Paypal fee from the amount I receive rather than increasing the total on your end.
I am on the Eurobricks' Straight Shooters list through a few small deals and trades, though this is really a leap of trust to verify a sale of this magnitude.
If interested, I could make this a superlot for sale through Bricklink, but BL will charge an additional fee for the sale, so the price would be higher.

Bonus offers:
Total discount of $500 on any 2 Groups (PREQUELS and TRILOGY = $4500, PREQUELS and CLONEWARS = $3500, TRILOGY and CLONEWARS = $2500)
Total discount of $1000 on all 3 Groups (PREQUELS and TRILOGY and CLONEWARS = $5000)
Extra pieces, incomplete sets, and minifigure parts will be included if buying all 3 Groups (PREQUELS and TRILOGY and CLONEWARS = $5000)

If you would like to make offers, reasonable offers may be considered, though I reserve the right to deny any offer for any reason.
Please be reasonable and respectful with any offers (well, really with any communication, please).

Now, the overall pictures:



Thanks and have a great day,

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These lots will be posted to eBay in a few days.  The bonuses will not be able to be offered once posted to eBay.

If there is any interest in taking advantage of the Eurobricks-exclusive bonuses, please let me know soon.

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