Task One - The Equicius Clan The Equicius Clan of old were once known & respected across the lands for their fine herds of horses. They lived a semi-nomadic life, travelling with their herds across the eastern plains of Avalonia, with some small settlements scattered towards the northern reaches of their ranges. Their lives of peace & prosperity were not to last, however, as raiders from the northern mountains plundered and pillaged the few villages the Equicians had established, taking with them, destroying or scattering much of the herds that were the pride of the clan. Many of our finest warriors and herdsmen's lives were lost in those days, and all the remaining men, women and children were left with no choice but to disperse across the villages and cities of Avalonia, some venturing as far as the lands of other guilds in search of a new home. As the years and generations passed, the great horsemen of old were forgotten by all except legend, their stories passed down to the Equician descendants that remain today.  Although the Equicius Clan has never restored their former glory, and remain scattered, some larger families stayed together, and found a life for themselves away from the pastures of their forebearers. One such family is that of my father, Albus Equicius, a direct descendant of the leader of our clan of old, Eorl Equicius I.  Equicius Clan by The Nev, on Flickr The Equicians are skilled warriors, both on foot and horseback, fighting with sword, spear and bow. My cousin Eldred is a leader among our men, with the privilege of riding upon a purebred Equician steed, garbed in the colours of our clan. Cousin Eldred by The Nev, on Flickr As for our troops, they are of course small in number as a result of the scattering of our people, but display the strength and determination that stands them equal to some of the best soldiers you can find in Historica, and have often served under the greater banner of Avaloina in times of war past. Equician Troops by The Nev, on Flickr And then there's myself, Neville Equicius, son of Albus Equicius, descendant of Eorl Equicius I. Neville Equicius by The Nev, on Flickr Some of you may have already heard my story, so I will only briefly recount here. Nine years ago, my father set off on a journey to find the tomb of our ancestral leader, in the hope that it would contain the key to reuniting our clan, a step towards the ultimate goal of restoring our former prosperity. Five years after his expected return had not come, my father's uncle, Freca, uncovered a map that leads to Eorl's tomb, and since that day I have travelled across the land, seeking my father so that I can lead him to the tomb and he can reunite the Equicius Clan.   Task 2 - My Travels Since I set out, I have often walked alone, other times I have had companions. Uncle Freca and  my cousin Eldred often accompany me on my journey, between attending to tasks of their own. Field & Equician Travellers by The Nev, on Flickr Uncle Freca is a wonderful source of knowledge, and was once a great warrior, his career ending when he lost a leg in battle. Uncle Freca by The Nev, on Flickr My cousin, of course, has saved our necks on several occasions, while his faithful steed provides a welcome rest for weary feet and heavy packs. Equician Travellers by The Nev, on Flickr We are a strange sight to other travellers, not that we see too many, often we travel on the smallest, quietest paths through Avalonia, often passing by small pockets of farmland, the land of some solitary farmer making a life for himself off the land. View of Field by The Nev, on Flickr We travel light, venturing from town to town in search of answers that can lead us to my father, with the ever growing concern that he has come by some foul circumstances, as what bodes ill for Albus Equicius bodes ill for the whole Equicius Clan... = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  Whew! Sorry for the long post, but I hope it establishes Neville's story well enough for some sort of foundation/background. Hoping to get a real storyline going through some future builds, time will tell what is in store!