[MOC] Coriolis Starport - Elite: Dangerous

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This is my Coriolis Starport from sci-fi video game Elite:Dangerous. 1700 parts, 17cm diameter.

Coriolis Starports are rotating space stations that orbit planets. They are 2km diameter, and feature a massive pressurised hangar, with a large force-field protected slot, for ships to enter.

The overall shape is a cuboctahedron. This is what they look like in the game.

On Flickr, On Lego Ideas (Please do support!)

45297700311_dfcbb2576b_c.jpgCoriolis Starport 01, on Flickr

31423442338_8e2b458e46_c.jpgCoriolis Starport 02, on Flickr

31423440068_ab324f3195_c.jpgCoriolis Starport 03, on Flickr

45297700141_3e033de033_c.jpgCoriolis Starport 04, on Flickr

31423440228_dca9007333_c.jpgCoriolis Starport 05, on Flickr

31423440548_d475fdd9a2_c.jpgCoriolis Starport 08, on Flickr

31423442378_8bc1923c2a_c.jpgCoriolis Starport 09, on Flickr

31423442488_11273c8404_c.jpgCoriolis Starport 10, on Flickr

45297702141_d3c5a4c4ac_c.jpgCoriolis Starport 11, on Flickr

44575468244_46af43284a_c.jpgCoriolis Starport 12, on Flickr


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Its unfortunate the sci fi section isn't as popular as the Star Wars one, because this definitely deserves more attention! Your creation seems to resemble the real thing well; a massive block with a large amount of greebling and details. Great work. :classic:

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