Here are the main members of the Conzaga family and their biographies. The family has a strange trait whereby all the children are born with white hair due to some genetic anomaly. *** Besil Conzaga (retired) In his prime Besil kept the Conzaga family going during the troubles between the de Fioris, Amancios, Chiaros and Baiamontes. A deft hand was required to prevent being crushed in the civil wars and assassinations that took place during the worst of those years. A quiet unassuming man Besil largely kept the family out of sight and never flaunted his wealth, gently expanding the family business and buying up local competitors. Now in his twilight years, Besil has handed the Conzaga family affairs over to his eldest son Staffen to manage, looking forward to a quiet life. Staffen has asked that his father have his likeness immortalised in the Conzaga family crypts, something the modest Besil does with reluctance. *** Staffen Conzaga (family head) Staffen is the current head of the family and a shrewd and ambitious man. Having lived through a period of Varlyrian stability, with three generations of Amancios as Rego, he can afford to expand more aggressively than his father and take more risks for the family business. Whereas his father preferred bribes and marriages, Staffen isn't shy in carrying out the occasional abduction or assassination to further his goals. After his second wife died in childbirth, he turned all his energy into the family vinyards and is posed to take every advantage he can. Whilst his more underhand tactics have had some successes, it has also created him many enemies, and he insists that him and all his children are assigned a bodyguard for their protection.  For his own bodyguard he has picked a Minotaur named Minos, chosen because only he can speak the Minotaur tongue and no-one can turn the beast against its master. *** Nestur Conzaga Nestur is the second son of Besil and whereas his brother Staffen got all the business acumen, Nestur is the warrior of the family. Sent off to the mainland to learn his craft, he fought in many of the civil wars that plagued Historica and his mercenary company earned many riches for the Conzaga family coffers. In addition to gold, his time at war brought back a lot of information on the other Historican factions which will be invaluable for expanding the family trade links. Having never married, he has no children, and is much more likely to be found in taverns with low company than at the family vinyards. *** Bernaldo Conzaga As Staffen's oldest son, Bernaldo should be heir to the family business, but being brought up on tales of his uncle's adventures on the mainland meant he often skipped his lessons and he desired more than anything to become a warrior and travel to distance lands vanquishing foes. Unfortunately, the period of peace brought in by the death of Ravaage  and the coronation of Queen Ylspeth has robbed him of this opportunity, so instead he spends his time drinking and womanising along with his uncle and his men. Having been brought up in relative luxury, he spends gold like it's going out of fashion, and thinks nothing of bedding any woman he can get his hands on. In the most embarrassing case, Bernaldo was found in the bed of the Duc D'Elancon. After the Duc demanded his head, Nestur cut off the Duc's hand and only intervention from the Rego and Staffen's agreement to pay a large sum of gold prevented a full blown vendetta. Bernaldo refuses his father's offer of a bodyguard, scorning it as "babysitting". The real reason is that he doesn't want his father to know what he gets up to... *** Gisela Conzaga Gisela is Staffen's second child, and oldest daughter. Fierce and independent, she rarely listens to her father although her relationship with him is considerably better than Bernaldo's. Rather than spinning and needlework, Gisela prefers to get involved in the family business and handles political turmoil with ease. Her father begrudgingly accepts her advice even if some of his advisers find it distasteful to debate with a woman. As her bodyguard, she has been assigned the lionel Mohatu. With his keen sense of smell and lightning quick reactions, he is ready to keep Gisela safe from anyone who might do her harm. *** Mychel Conzaga (secondary character) Mychel is Staffen's second son to his first wife, who was born shortly before his parent's divorce. Unlike Bernaldo, who takes after the hard drinking uncle Nestur, Mychel has his gandfather's quiet and unassuming nature. He lacks his sister's political ruthlessness, but he did get some of his father's intelligence. He is considered a master of the vine, and the Conzaga vintage has never tasted better under his direction, a fact his father rarely admits in company. He enjoys the simple things in life and rarely troubles others. His bodyguard is the avian-sapien Meiyo - a master of the sword her keen eyesight keeps Mychel out of harms way. *** Poppa Conzaga Poppa is Staffen's second daughter, and his only child to his second wife. After her mother died birthing her, she is painfully aware of her failures and is hard on herself for every mistake she makes, whether it be improper etiquette or a stitch in the wrong place. She tries to overcompensate by fitting in as a perfect daughter amongst her more unruly siblings, but her tender age and fragile constitution mean she mostly misses out on the fun. She is protected by the Kaliphlin champion Tsiri. He left the isle of Gorr under rather dubious circumstances, and only narrowly avoided being taken by pirates on his journey to Varlyrio. Despite his past the giant Sudite dotes on Poppa and is more of a father to her than Staffen, who is often too busy running the family business to spend much time with his daughter. *** That's them all! At some point I will do a family tree to help you keep track of them.