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Missing concepts for Army and other figures in Star Wars Universe

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Hello all fellow SW fans!

I would like to start a new topic around the missing concepts for different army and other figures in Star Wars universe.
I know we have the very inspiring topic for updating existing minifigures that often includes attempts to model e.g. Expanded
Universe figures, too, that have not been modeled ever before. However, I have come up with a different kind of a problem now
and therefore I feel this does not perfectly fit the updating topic.

I love to build and arm big armies in my personal Lego Star Wars universe and I put a lot of effort to make them logical and organized.
This has brought me some curious problems as Star Wars universe itself has a number of gaps to fill in, because we have never seen
any kind of a picture of a great number of characters, figures, ships etc. There are many and feel welcome to post your own ideas,
but I would like to start as an example with the following:

We have now examples for Imperial tank crew thanks to Rogue One and Imperial Gunners have been around since A New Hope. I have used especially these
tank crew figures to man my other custom made tanks and similar vessels, too, and Imperial Gunners are the crew for different kinds
of mortars and cannons in addition to those classic heavy turbolasers as well. However, we have never seen any kind of example for the rebel versions
(if there are, please, let us know below). There are a number of rebel ground vehicles and artillery in Star Wars games, but they have - as far as I know -
never shown us, which kind of soldiers are manning these vehicles.

latest?cb=20161128184910          latest?cb=20171004043209
Imperial tank crew member                   Imperial gunner

Thus I am looking inspiration for how to make these two types of soldier classes as the first example for this topic:

- Rebel tank crew
- Rebel gunner

I am looking for some inspiration from the red army as at least some other rebel units have clearly taken some ideas from there.

Mariya was 38 years old when she started training for five months of tank usage.71wXWn3fcGL._SL1348_.jpg
 Soviet tank crew                                                                                                     The helmet of these battlepack soldiers
                                                                                                                                would be much more suitable for drivers than soldiers?

Any ideas on these spesific figures or for the topic in general?

- Samppu

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Personally I think in terms of the Rebellion due to their rag-tag and far from ideal situation militaristically there wouldn't be any standard uniform for artillery/tank crews just the same as their isn't for the general infantry

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A very old game called Force Commander had designs for all tank crews for both rebellion and empire.


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