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29 minutes ago, Blondie-Wan said:
On 12/20/2019 at 7:00 PM, Digger of Bricks said:

Come to think of it, what will this new partnership mean for further representation of any original characters from TLM & TLM2 (i.e. Emmet, Wyldstyle, Benny, UniKitty, Metalbeard, etc)? Are those characters property of WB, TLG, or conjointly so? Would WB be at liberty to produce any further spin-off TV series or media based upon them during TLG & Universal's deal? :shrug_confused: 

I believe the characters from these movies actually are technically owned jointly by LEGO and Warner. That doesn’t mean there’s absolutely no possibility of them continuing on in these new movies, but I suspect Universal will instead want to start with a fresh clean slate... although if any of the creative staff behind the extant LCU does carry over to the new movies, they may want to keep the established characters / continuity going.

If Universal does want to start fresh with a clean slate, I've got a theory I've shared elsewhere on how they might do that (to which I've grown more convinced of)...

14 hours ago, Digger of Bricks said:

Remember that one in-development spinoff, The Billion Brick Race? Given that it lost two directors during preproduction and hasn't been given a third since the last one departed, you could say this new deal with Universal may be the final nail-in-the-coffin for the development. But, given that the producer who helmed the first four cinematic Lego Movies will continue to oversee further ones under Universal, I'm wondering if there's a chance he'll be taking The Billion Brick Race with him over from Warner Brothers, reformulating it into Universal's own reboot/take on The LEGO Movie as a fast-tracked way to kick-off their own LEGO Cinematic Universe.

On 12/21/2019 at 6:15 PM, Digger of Bricks said:

So, I suppose many of you here probably have already heard about this recent development by now...

Variety - Universal in Talks With Lego Group to Develop New Films Based on Toys (EXCLUSIVE)

While I've come to presume this automatically spells out the writing-on-the-wall for The Billion Brick Race, a part of me wonders if there's a chance the project might carry over to Universal, especially considering that producer Dan Lin (who helmed all four of WB's Lego Movies) is reported to continue overseeing any further cinematic features they may develop. It's also worth noting that a similar such move happened for Pacific Rim's 2018 sequel when producer Legendary Pictures moved from Warner Brothers over to Universal, taking the still in-development sequel along with it. 

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20 hours ago, Renny The Spaceman said:

But wouldn't Warner still have legal rights to that plot?

Perhaps, though as I cited as an example elsewhere, Universal inherited the distribution rights to Pacific Rim's 2018 sequel when the first film's production company moved over from Warner Bros to Universal; so, given that the producer who helmed all four of Warner's Lego Movie's will also be overseeing Universal's, perhaps he'll be taking The Billion Brick Race over to Universal with him in a similar manner? :shrug_confused:

3 hours ago, Renny The Spaceman said:

I guess they could but I feel they'd rather have a clean slate for a story that, like the first film, would encompass the whole brand

I'm pretty certain that's how they'll want to do it too. If so, that's why I could see Universal wanting to pick up The Billion Brick Race where Warner's left off if they inherit the rights to its production, as I could see them using it as a fast-tracked way to getting their own Lego Cinematic Universe off the ground sooner than later. Though we hadn't learned much about it, the film sounded like it would've encompassed the whole brand in the same way The LEGO Movie had done, just in a LEGO Racers kinda way.

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27 minutes ago, Bornin1980something said:

But, how are they with CG animated features?

Well, for starts, they currently own DreamWorks and Illumination, which makes me wonder if they'll have either one of those two handling further cinematic Lego Movies, or if they'll just give the job back to the animators at Animal Logic for such. :shrug_confused:

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