[MOC] [Instructions] Republic Fighter Mech

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After I got Yoda's Jedi Starfighter and the Republic Fighter Tank I felt these were two good sets to mash together into a Mech MOC. I present to you the Republic Fighter Mech:


I used quite a lot of the parts from these two sets, but obviously also additional parts that I had at hand.


43399628740_33aac84f4e_b.jpg20181009_Lego Star Wars Mech MOC_04 by Maranar bricks, on Flickr

20181009_Lego Star Wars Mech MOC_07

Including the cockpit for a clone trooper:

20181009_Lego Star Wars Mech MOC_08

Link to my Flickr album of this MOC:


An instructions tutorial video will follow in the near future. 

I hope you like it! I am open for critique and suggestions to make it better!


PS: The instruction video is online and can be found in the newer post.

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Thank You very much!


Also, for the ones interested in building this mech, I made a build tutorial video:


Have Fun building!


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