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Hi folks,

after finishing our first little project (Claas Xerion - the build took my 2 year old son and me 4 weeks), we are making ourselves a nice christmas present and get the 42043 MB Arocs. I am excited about the idea to have a remote controlled truck but I really think that the PF IR technology is more than dated. I see that Lego seems to come up with a new system in the future but there are also a few third party alternatives like Sbrick and BuWizz.

My question is:

What useful alternatives are out there to the usual PF Remote controllers and batteries and what are the advantages/disadvantages? Is there a thread I didn't see yet? And is it possible to couple a classic remote control with an Sbrick or BuWizz or whatever?

Kind Regards,



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Thank you very much, Jim!

I just ordered the CADA remote control, let's see if it arrives.. Never ordered from Alibaba before.

If it doensn't perform well (which I don't expect after your useful report), I'll try the BuWizz. I like the idea of having a rechargeable battery.

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