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Hi I'm here again for a quick and simple review of the second bricktober of 2018, Harry Potter minifigures. This is another theme that I'm not familiar with but I will still try my best to review them as minifigure collectors. 

5004938 - NINJAGO Minifigures

5004939 - TLBM Minifigures

5004941 - Classic Minifigures

5005257 - NINJAGO Minifigures (2018)

Let's start with them.



Name: 5005254 - Harry Potter Minifigures
Theme: Promotional \ Toys R Us (Bricktober)
Year: 2018
Pieces: 25 pcs
Minifigures: 4
Price: free with purchase of RM199 in Malaysia.


This set is target only for Harry Potter fans specifically as they are not much appeared in other sets or only appeared in one or two old sets. Prints are detailed but not as detail as the Ninjago minifigures in my last review. However this set does attract the attention of Harry Potter fans.




Same limited edition box, this time in dark blue and Harry Potter shooting some lightning at the top right corner. 


Same but a little bit different. 


Let's bring them out.




Madam Rolanda Hooch. She has short grey hair, and yellow eyes like a hawk with goggles. She is the teacher in Hogwarts teaching Harry and friends how to ride on a broom. Her grey hair needs a new mould as I personally don't like this hairpiece. She is wearing her black robe with a Hogwarts batch at the torso. No side printings and the interesting part of this minifigure is the alternate face with the goggle. No leg prints and carrying a broom and a tan wand. 


These are the other Madam Hooch that appeared in the past. Year 2002 and 2010. I feel that the 2010 version had better printing of the torso and the head. Not sure what is the reason behind the re-release of this minifigure here. (Pictures taken from Bricklink)


New Students in Hogwarts. Money can't buy everything. 


Horace Slughorn. He is a potions master hence the green bottle of juice in his hand here. He is retired and recruited by Dumbledore hence the wrinkles on his face of retirement. His torso is well printed with a bow tie, and back is simple printing of the buttons. No side printings and he is with an ordinary grey hair. I suppose this is the first time he appeared as a minifigure as I can't find any in bricklink. 


Wrong wizard.


Professor Dolores Umbridge. She wears a nice pink outfit with a cat badge on her torso. I suppose she likes cats very much. She is holding a brown wand and a teacup which I suppose it is a new cup in LEGO. Her hair is nice in brown and the legs are printed as well as the side. So this is how high heels looks like in LEGO minifigure! She has a smiling face and looks a bit scary when she gets angry.


These are other versions of her. The microfig is very nicely printed (Every microfig is nice to me, haha). I feel the 2007 version's hair is nicer and if anyone have both can swap it and you are welcome to show us in the comments area. Torso print I think the latest one is nicer. (Pictures taken from Bricklink)


Beauty and the Beast.


Boggart snape. They say Boggart is a shapeshifter who can take shape of whatever it thinks will frighten us most. However this Boggart actually brighten up this set. I love his bag, his torso and the continuity of the scarf part to the torso print with a cat biting a mouse. To me, this is the best minifigure in this set. 


This is the previous version of him. Awfully looking torso print and face and the hair is totally bad. However the glow in the dark head is quite interesting part here.  (Pictures taken from Bricklink)


In the movie, the Boggart comes with a crow on his hat. Here we have a hat but no crow. However there is a hole there and we can actually snatch that crow and put it there to complete the minifigure. 


Not bad at all. 


As a non-Harry Potter fan, I really have a hard time appreciating them. Maybe someday after I watch the movie I will love them better. However for Harry Potter fans out there, this is a must get set as the minifigures are upgraded version of old uglier version! Slughorn is exclusive! 

Review summary

Playability: 6/10 - Same as Ninjago.
Design: 8/10 - I think I'm spoilt by the legs and side printings of the Ninjago Bricktober 2018 minifigures. 
Minifigures:  8/10 - As I said, I barely know them but after comparing them to their older version, they are certainly better. (Except for Madam Hooch)
Price / Value for money: 8/10 - Worthy for Harry Potter fans.
Overall: 7.5/10 - Maybe a Harry Potter fan will rate this higher. Should I go watch the movies?

I hope you enjoy reading my simple review and do express your comments below. :wink:

Jurassic World is next. Stay tuned.

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The figure designs here seem pretty strong in terms of appearance and accuracy, but overall I can't help but feel like this pack lacks the "oomph" that the Ninjago Brickmaster set has, with its much more unique character designs and far more elaborate printing, including printing on the sides of the legs and/or arms for almost every character. Here, 3/4 of the characters are redesigns of previous minifigs (granted, two of those redesigns were long overdue and improve greatly on the versions that preceded them), and all but Umbridge have unprinted legs and arms in existing colors, rather than new prints or even recolors.

What's more, the Boggart Snape minifigure even uses the same face print as the Snape minifigure from regular sets, whereas in the Ninjago pack even the Oni Mask of Hatred (which appears in two other sets) was given a brand-new printed facial expression. And Slughorn's hair seems to be not only the same color but also the same printed pattern as Jim Gordon's from The LEGO Batman Movie. As a whole, this pack only includes 10 new printed and/or recolored elements, whereas the Ninjago pack had 15. Assuming that the designers could have had access to just as many new elements for this pack, I think they may have been better off choosing characters who might actually need that many new elements and/or an extraordinary level of printed detail on those new elements (and as such, who would be harder to include in regular sets).

That said, I am going to disagree about the 2010 Madam Hooch having better torso printing. To be honest I think it's a big improvement in this case to eliminate the printed waistline. While I'm not against printed waistlines on female minifigures on principle, I think they only really make sense for characters in more form-fitting outfits, rather than those with loose robes like Madam Hooch wears in the movies. It is a bit peculiar that she has a printed waistline on the back of her torso and not the front, though — not that it makes a big difference when she's wearing her cape.

Good review overall, though! I can see this being a popular set with LEGO Harry Potter fans, especially those who are only beginning their collection with this year's sets and missed out on previous versions of these characters.

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Thanks for the review!

I think this is an outstanding set! 4 unique figures not available in current sets is excellent in such a pack! For me this is a 9/10, and this is my favourite among this year's Bricktober sets. I am no hardcore Harry Potter fan, although I think they did a really excellent job on the new sets. 

I will agree that Nya in the Ninjago set has more "oomph" as you call it than any of the HP figures, but overall the Ninjago figs have limited appeal for me compared to the HP ones.

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On 10/10/2018 at 5:47 PM, kaelthas said:

In the movie, the Boggart comes with a crow on his hat.

It was a vulture, but the closest Lego got is that crow and I think it should have been included in the set :hmpf_bad: On the other hand that is my only compliant with the set, it is a fantastic set for HP fans :sweet:

Thanks for the review, you should definitely (read the books, then) see the movies :grin:

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I missed the opportunity to get this as a promotional freebie. So I might have to buy it online, if the price is right. Everyone is trying to make a handsome profit at the moment.

A bit of a let down for me tbh. I am not a minifig collector but I am a HP fan. I guess that explains why I'm a bit sad.

The best is of coz Umbridge. She has all the necessary printing front, side and back. The other three doesn't appeal much to me. I'd be happy to buy just Umbridge if I can find a seller.

I am at the point where I can't accept minifigs lacking necessary printing. If the minifig needs to be printed on the side, legs, back or all of it ... then Lego should not skimp.

One of my favourite is CMF Trelawney. Also one of my biggest disappointment. She'd look a lot nicer if LEGO had printed her side and back. Like how the four founders of Hogwart is printed in the expensive castle set. Is Lego saying the CMF line is too cheap for such treatment :(

The players in the Quidditch set is a letdown because of the lack of leg printing. Quidditch uniform are robes. They would look a lot better if the leg prints were like CMF's Harry, Hermione or Ron minifig. Absolutely required leg printing afaik.

Keep up the nice reviews. 

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These are outstanding! Aside from Hooch, these are all fairly well done! Good review, by the way. 


Boggart Snape is especially cool. 

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Since I'm not a Harry Potter fan, the only figure amongst these four I care for as a whole would have to be Slughorn, as his face and attire would fit him quite nicely into Dickensian setting. Besides that though, I do appreciate Umbridge's face prints for the same reason. 

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Excellent review. This is definitely one of the strong contender for the Bricktober release. These unique minifigs are also amazingly great and will pleased many Harry Potter fans. For myself, I love the Umbridge minifig as she only appeared once previously in a discontinued Hogwarts Castle set. This is a great chance for me to finally own it. 

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Excellent review!

If I can find this set at a reasonable price I’ll buy it. The figures aren’t amazing, but good enough secondary/tertiary characters to warrant a purchase. 

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Thanks for the review!

I don’t have any of these figures yet, so really looking forward to getting it! (If I can get my hands on one here in the US...)

I only wish they would have included a reddish brown crow to go on top of the Snape Boggart. But otherwise fantastic! 

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Thank you for the nice review.

The figs look very good, but I don't expect to see them in a shop around. I hope they will make later some common sets with at least Umbridge and Slughorn.

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Great review. Thank you. I think te weakest one is the Madam Rolanda Hooch here since the set version is very similar to the newest version.

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FYI: this is now available for free from Barnes & Noble with $75 online LEGO purchase, nov 22 - dec 26.



FREE LEGO Harry Potter Minifigure 4-Pack with any $75 LEGO Purchase

Offer Details:

This offer is valid at BN.com from November 22nd at 12:01am to December 26th at 2:59 am Eastern time and at Barnes & Noble stores from November 23rd, to December 25th at close of business, while supplies last. This offer can be redeemed only once per customer, per billing address.

When you purchase $75.00 or more (after discounts and coupons have been applied) of qualifying LEGO products from our “FREE Harry Potter Minifigures with any $75 LEGO Purchase ” promotion, you will get a LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts™ Professors 4 Minifigure Set ($19.99 value) for FREE! Simply look for the “FREE Harry Potter Minifigures with any $75 LEGO Purchase " message icon or sticker to identify eligible items. NOTE: Qualifying items may differ online and in stores.

In order to take advantage of this offer online, you must place all $75.00 or more of qualifying LEGO products in your BN.com Shopping Cart and purchase the items as part of the same transaction. Your FREE LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts™ Professors 4 Minifigure Set will appear in your cart at Checkout. If at any point your order total does not include $75.00 of qualifying LEGO products, the free gift will be removed from your cart automatically. At stores, you must bring all $75.00 or more of qualifying LEGO products to the register and purchase the items as part of the same transaction. Your free gift will be given at the register.



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