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Hi everyone,

For the coming Lego event, Lego World, I have build three landscapes.

One of them is based on the Fright Knights and another one is based on the Imperial Armada.

This landscape is based on the old Western theme of 1996 and I focused more on the civilian part of the theme.

The landscape was already finished in July, but it was a bit boring to look at.


Only the house in the front has interior. The house next to the bank has a mechanism to turn the flames on the roof.

Someone crash landed very close to the village.




For more pictures, go to my Flickr album.

Feedback and questions are welcome. :classic:



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Love that cliff-face, it looks so natural/real. The angular corner building is really nice too.

Thanks for sharing this. I hope LEGO World goes well for you. :thumbup:

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Thank you @Peppermint_M! :classic:

Sorry for the late response. :sceptic:

Lego World was really great. Some great builds were shown in the Fanzone.

The landscape is updated and is now in a showcase in a local toy store.

43898580100_7eb49a5ee5.jpg 30775759667_2314ac42ba.jpg


I am sorry for the terrible background. I am searching for a solution for this problem.

More pictures can be found in my Flickr album (scroll down a bit).


Feedback and questions are welcome. :classic:


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