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First if all I totally forgot to post this model here on the forum, guess better late than never :laugh:


Now to explain a bit about the motives behind this model before I go into specific details.

Counter on my youtube channel was nearing 10.000 so I wanted to make something trully special. I was not sure what kind of a model I want to make, a sportscar, offroader, construction machine, so the decision came to MAKE ALL AT ONCE.

The model would also incoporate ideas from the last decade of Lego technic product to go along with my 10 years on youtube.

Starting with the design, the front end is heavily inspired by 42083 and 41999. Notice the front wheels are from 42056.


The first motorized function is adjustable front suspension inspired by 8297:



The front end can raise by 3 centiemetrs to allow the model to negotiate rough terrain.

Continuing towards the cab, which was inspired by 41999, we can pop up the hood to find a green colored 10 cylinder engine inspred by 42030:


Cab doors are inspired by the doors from 42069, which open at the angle. Opening the doors you can find a full interrior with two adjustable seats andworking steering wheel:


In the center of the cab there is a gearbox which movel lineary to switch between 3+R gears using a special mechanism. This emchanisem translates the sliding action into usable inputs for the gearbox:


Going further back, there is a section holding the battery box and, orange lever and utensils on the left side. I will explain the function of the orange lever later.


On the opposite, right side there are 2 M motors powering all the motorized functions. Notice the mysterious red lever which is used for switching motorized functions.

Notice the pump used to power the pneumatic functions. There are also two electric switches to reverse the two driving M motors.


If we continue towards the back, we can see there is a pair of linear actuators used to manipulate the container.


The red lever switches power from one of the M motor between the adjustable front suspension and linear actuators.

But not only can the linear actuators tilt the container, but they can also pick up and load the entire thing. To switch between tilting or picking up, the orange lever is used to lock the individual segments of the lifting arm. This function is inspired by 8052.


The arm can reach out and pick up the container with ease:


If we continue and look at the photo of the back side you may notice a PTO output along with a strange mechanism with rubber bands:


Same motor that powers adjustable front suspension, linear actuators also powers the PTO output via 24 tooth clutch gear. Notice that the PTO output uses a CV joint in order to slide the axles into it without friction.

The rubber band mechanism is used to hold the rear attachment. This was inspired by 8110 and 42054.

Here is a sum up the functions of the model so far:

1. Motorized functions

  • Adjustable font suspension
  • Tilting of the container
  • Picking up and lifting of the container
  • Pneumatic compressor and storage provided by two air tanks
  • powered rear PTO

2. Manual functions:

  • 10 cylinder engine powered via rear wheels through a 3+R gearbox
  • 3+R gearbox
  • Steering controlled by steering wheels inside the cab AND the light on the right side of the roof
  • Openable doors
  • Openable hood
  • Adjutstable seats
  • Independent front suspension
  • Solid live axle assembly in the rear - inspired by 42043


  • Both front axles are at a positive cats angle, allwing the fat Porsche wheels to self-center
  • Due to the immense weight, each rear solid axle is supported by 4 yellow very hard springs
  • The 3+R gearbox is derived from my diagonal gearbox featured in the Dominator TRS
  • Due to its framed design the gearbox provides a very rigid backbone to the model
  • A 5 tubed exhaust seemed appropriate for the 10 cylinder engine

I hope this photo helps you understand all the functions and features a bit better. Each color of the model's chassis represents a different module.


Next we will look at the rear attachment built for this model.

The attachment is multifunctional, combining linear actuators, pneumatics and 4-way switchbox to actuate all the functions:


In total the attachemnt features following functions powered by a PTO via 4-way switchbox:


  • Extension of the control arms via small actuators and a lever mechanism
  • Lowering of the control arms via large actuators - inspried by 42009
  • Rotation of the arm
  • Spooling up a winch which allows the arm to be used as a crane arm - inspired by 8258

Additionally there are 4 pneumatic function powered by the compressor and air stored in the two pneumatic tanks on the truck itself:

  • Raising of the primary arm joint
  • Raising of the secondary arm joint
  • Tilting of the showel - inspired by 8043
  • Closure of the blue pneumatic claws - inspired by 8110

Some intersting facts about this attachment module:

  • All of the penumatic functions + rope of the winch pass through the turntable.
  • Rotation of the turntable is limited to some 350 degrees to avoid all those tubes and rope tangling up
  • The structure of the arm with diagonal arms is inspired by crane arms
  • Frictionless 8 tooth gears allow the white 16L axles to slide with ease while powering the two large actuators used for support legs
  • The 4-way switchbox is one of my most complex and sense assemblies and it took me 2 days to design with support of LDD.
  • Winch uses a friction pin to keep the rope from unloading when the winch function is off.
  • The blue claw uses rubber bricks for better grip

Combining the main model with the atatchment resluts in a model which weighs around 5 kilograms and is over a meter long!

Some facts about the design, and build of the model:

  • The whole model took me over 2 months to design and built, biggest challenging being the gearbox, container arm and rear attachment switchbox.
  • A lot of care was placed into keeping all the functions working reliably with a limited power source (M motor) and safely with no gears skipping or breaking.
  • The model uses around 16 universal and 3 CV joints to transfer the power to the suspension lifting mechanism, PTO, both steering sytsems and drive axles.
  • Each rear axle is capable of supporting the whole model's weight, the weak point are the Power Puller tyres which sag quite a lot, especially on the third axle.
  • Thanks to it's stiff gearbox, this model has one of the stiffest central frames I ever built allowing the model to be easily picked up by diagonal  front and rear wheel without excessive flex.
  • Gas canisters and first aid from 42069 are featured on this model
  • The hood ornament is a bunny from a Lego Friends set
  • This is my first model to use the white pneumatic air tanks for it's intended purpose.
  • The model is covered with glow in the dark parts close to its edges, so its visible at night - useful when you are wandering around your building area at night

A photo of the mashup's total of 8 glow in the dark bionicle claw/eye pieces:


You can see the model in action in the following feature video:

Finally I would like to thank you for reading through this massive post and for helping me reach 10.000 subscribers.

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That is one  HELL of a Frankenstein build... not sure what to think of it but it's sure damn interesting and out of the box!:laugh:.

Congratulations on the 10.000 subs!!!     "BRONZE PLAY BUTTON"

For all who don't know... getting to 10K by creating good content like this takes hundreds upon hundreds of hours of building, filming and editing!

I hope to join you in the 10K+ realm soon! (currently at 8.7K)

Keep up the good work!:thumbup:

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That is truly amazing. I love how seamlessly you integrated the vehicles into the final model, it's very harmonic and thus nicely done.

I hope to join you at 10k some day. That is such a crazy accomplishment, so a huge CONGRATS from me!

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What a massive Frankencar and a plethora of functions, I love it! *oh2* Congrats for the 10k subs, very well deserved! Hope to join the club before Christmas :grin:

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That’s an amazing build. Love how it seamlessly flows between each model.

congrats on your subs too, I know that’s a huge achievement 

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Dude, this is awesome! You actually did make all in one. I love the idea how you decided to combine it all, and was able to build it that fast for the size that it is. It looks like it belongs in one of the Mad Max movies. I just love the 41999 cabin. The number of functions you were able to implement is astonishing. And with all the different colors it certainly is a mashup of all the different models. Great one.

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Love it! Like something from a Mad Max film, the colours work well. The multi function attachment is very good.


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Very cracy vehicle *huh*

I like the multiple functions !

:cry_sad: I´ve only 6,6 k subs , but 2,5 M clicks on 1 Video :wub:

Edited by Wolf_Zipp

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Gratz on the 10k, way to go!

This mix really represents your style of videos and MOCs, great job:wink:

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