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Ross Fisher

[W - OKT] Oktoberfest confessional booth

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Oktoberfest confessional booth by Ross Fisher, on Flickr

Padré Verroc,
Temple of Zeus Mission,

Brother Verroc,
I know you and I have had our differences - you've always been more of a carrot man, I prefer the stick - but I have a request, and I believe you're the only man who can help me. 
It's this damn "Oktoberfest" that's causing me concern. Drinking, debauchery, gambling, carousing, cavorting; this whole event is exactly the kind of behaviour that we came to Terra Nova to stamp out! Sure, we might expect this sort of thing from Sea Rats and Eslandolans, but I have it on good information that our own countrymen will be attending this festival. We must do what we can to reestablish the preeminence of the Faith in their hearts.
I believe that a confessional booth in the town square might be an appropriate response. Let them know that the gods are always listening. 
I'm asking you to attend in my place since I have unfinished business here on the Île Zeus. 
I pray this missive finds you well.
Padré François

PS. Our betters require you to keep a detailed record of every confession you take, with names, transgressions and details recorded. If you pass them on to me, I will ensure they reach the right people.

Edited by Ross Fisher

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Cool story! And I really like the colors and minifigs you've used. :thumbup:

I assume you'll license this as a Culture property. I'll consider it for a prize in a bonus category as well, since I didn't specifically mention the culture category in the list of property prizes.

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47 minutes ago, Fraunces said:

Haha the PS made it !

Definitely no-one using a drunken weekender to harvest international intelligence. Nope. That's not what's happening here.

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Religious totalitarism in the making - but at least the folks have fun for now. :wink:


Nice build, with a great story as usual. Well done! :thumbup:

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