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Krull Glaive

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This model was built for a contest on BZPower.

This is my third BBC contest entry. You can find my previous two entries here and here.


More pics: [Blades Retracted (on display stand)] [Blades Extended (off display stand)]

Full Brickshelf Gallery (when public)

Giving credit where credit is due:

The creators of Krull and the Glaive: For coming up with the original idea.

The LEGO company: For making the parts.

Me: Building the MOC.

My dad: Taking the pics.

Me and my dad: Putting together the graphics.

JRFitzpatrick7's Zamor Rack: The inspiration for the central pentagon.

Sidorak's Herding Blade: The inspiration for the blade mechanisms.

Support Banner: kgbanner.png


Avatar 1: kgav1.png

Avatar 2: kgav2.png

-Toa Of Justice

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A very smart rendering and a good idea too, smooth and well done. :classic:

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