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Siemens Vectron Double unit Loco

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I decided to build a modern, powerful locomotive to my Lego City. I don't want to build a lego monster with extra long, and extra weight, that cannot turn on curves.

My goal was to create a traditional lego city locomotive, with the most powerful solution, that can handle with 1 IR receiver.

This picture was the idea, but this is not a real train yet. Maybe later Siemens will build same trains.


My train has this PF components:

4 PF train engine under the train (1 pieces of 9v motor has rebuilded with PF motor, so with 9V rail don't need batteries)

3 PF cable

1 battery box

1 IR receiver 2.0


The IR receiver can control the 4 engine with maximum output, and can pull, or push ~30 train car easily.

Endless: the locomotive based on the set 7938 but needed lot of extra pieces.


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Great idea and nice implementation. However I think the final result doesn't seem to represent the Siemens Vectron much, which is longer (or lower) and have rather blunt front. Making front right, would make it much more recognizable!

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