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Hey, Rico, I’ve heard you are still chilling on LV-1136. Give up that damned frozen world and join us! Can you believe? Now we have our own salvage ship. Jolly Reaper. And I’m a navigator here. Do you remember that crash on LV-1287? New Qadesh. Olimp class freighter collided into orbital cargo transfer station. Lots of dead bodies, lots of debris. Those bastards from the Transport Alliance didn’t admitted it was their ship. Station was completely ruined, but the ship was repaired and modified. Yes, now it’s a salvage ship. And it belongs to the Outer Worlds. Yes, it’s huge. Damn biggest salvage ship, as I know. You should join us as soon as possible. We are making real money. Last time we sold almost all systems of abandoned freighter. Other salvagers can take only couple of valuable parts. We took almost everything. And most of our crew looted some small stuff for themselves. You know, some personal thing of dead ship’s crew, lots of gadgets, displays, wires. Everything you can sell personally to other people, not to the companies. But I don’t care about that. Abandoned ship is dangerous place and I’m a bit coward. However, you are reckless one. So you can try to find something valuable. You told you’ve given up job on freighters. You were tired and bored of similar flights. And we always have something different! And crew is fine. There is always somebody to talk or drink with. Don’t wait. Nowadays Jolly Reaper is the only such ship in this sector. And there is still some loot here. But everything may change…



































FCS Jolly Reaper by Sunder_59, on Flickr

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Wow! This is extremely clean and has really nice lines on it. I like the engines, and how they slightly tilt inwards, the use of the shields, all the little yellow cranes. 

The little micro ships are really simple yet effective looking. While I wouldn't have immediately guessed it was a salvage ship (I figured some self sustaining cargo transport--then read the story... ) I definitely get it now I know, and it makes clear sense on all the little details. I like the greebles, they're very clean, and look purposeful, not just there as clutter. 

Excellent job!! 


And it's huuuuge! 

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