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This is a forum that AFOL and of course Tesla fans, can share their MOCs. Also to join the forum, apply by reading the “Rules” set such but to a few like No profanity, no “arguments” of who’s better e.g) Toyota or Tesla, Chevy Volt or Audi Etron etc. ) Please ONLY upload links to Tesla builds or related things. This is a forum LEGO fans can also meet Tesla fans and build them. Please write this introduction C&P if you want just fill out blanks. “ My favorite ELECTRIC  car =                  Favorite GAS car =.                 Do you own a hybrid or electric car? =                            “ 


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Could we please not extend the Tesla circlejerk to Eurobricks. Elon Musk treats his workers really poorly and that especially goes against TLGs stance.

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Taken from the Site Guidelines!

Age: Eurobricks is a site intended for an adult audience, which for the purpose of these guidelines are people of around the age of 18 or greater. We reserve the right to ban anyone who does not meet that requirement. Posting that you are not an adult is a quick way to be banned. If you choose to ignore these guidelines and sign up anyway, it is not our responsibility if you are offended by what you read or see. Similarly, if you are an adult who is offended by what is often labeled as adult content, you should probably avoid this site.

Posting, spam and off topic topics: Off topic posts can be great fun between friends, but they do run the risk of making a topic unreadable to other members. We ask you to try to stick to the thread topic. In most cases we are happy to leave this to your judgment, but we will step in if we feel you have gone too far. Posting in "old" topics is generally frowned on, but it's a complicated topic. Read here for more details on this.

Remember: Eurobricks is a LEGO fan site, thus we want most topics here to be LEGO related. If you find you are posting mostly non-LEGO topics then maybe you have picked the wrong site. 

Clone and Competitor Brands: A Clone brand or competitor brand, is a product manufactured by a legitimate company. For Example Oxford,Mega Blocks. Kreo or Character Building. These are companies that do not infringe copyrights and provide a competitor product, such as licenses and themes LEGO do not produce. It is fair to discuss, compare and share these brands and their products in the Community section of the Forum. 

Bootlegs, Rip-Offs and Fakes: These manufacturers copy designs and minifigures from LEGO, other companies and even fans, to produce their own infringing products which they then sell, often at knock down prices. There are hundreds of names attached to these products and varied quality between them. We will no longer accept discussion and sharing of these products on Eurobricks. Most of these "brands" are facing legal cases and we have no interest in supporting them by providing a place for their criminal products to be seen.

LEGO Ideas: If you have a great MOC, that is also a LEGO Ideas project, you may present it on EB as you would any MOC, with a single link to the Ideas entry. Make the title about the MOC, not the Ideas business; don't be too shouty, and it is likely to be tolerated. You need to be thinking: 'I want people on EB to see my MOC and comment on it. If they like it, perhaps they'll support it on LEGO Ideas', rather than: 'I want Ideas support! If I post it on EB, perhaps more people will vote!.

Selling, self promotion and promoting: New members are not allowed to sell/trade on this site, but we do allow long term members to do so in the Buy/Sell/Trade/Finds forum; be sure to read the rules to this forum before posting there. We occasionally allow exclusions to this rule but you need to contact the staff first. We NEVER allow the personal message system to be used to spam or contact members to make sales offers. If you engage in this practice, you will be subject to an immediate ban. The only time the personal message system should be used is when both parties have previously agreed to that form of communication. We take no responsibility for any transaction that takes place as a result of contact made on this site. If you have a problem with a transaction, you should discuss it with the other party, not us. Quite simply, know who you are dealing with and act accordingly. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Please don't use Eurobricks as a billboard. You may certainly post links to your site in your signature, but don't join just to advertise your site. This includes reviews/MOCs/contests posted on off-site forums.

Images: Don't post images that are over 1,024 x 768 (or 768 x 1,024 for pictures with a portrait orientation) or are LEGO confidential. Images rarely need to be over 800 x 600, and any that are over 1MB (including GIFs) are not allowed unless there is admin approval. BMPs are never allowed. Avatar images should be 100 x 100 (and under 20k if hosted on EB), and may not be more than 400 x 400 (and 100k, even if hosted remotely). No animated GIFs are to be used as avatars. Before registering, please familiarize yourself with these tutorials to learn how to reduce your own images. Also, when quoting, don't quote images unless it is specifically needed. This just fills up posts with repeat images for no reason.

If you find an image of a new LEGO set and it is incredibly blurry or stamped "Confidential", it is a leak-please don't post it here. If you are uncertain, PM a member of the staff for guidance and include a link to the questionable material.

Signatures: As a rough rule, you may use up to four pictures each with a maximum pixel height of 200, a file size of 250k and no more than 200 words. If your sig is bigger than your average post, it can confuse someone reading a thread and you may be asked to reduce it, or a staff member may do it for you. Some exceptions may be made on a case by case basis, but please try to limit the space you use. Font size should be kept to a minimum: ideally no bigger than size 3. No animated GIFs are to be used in your signatures.

Manners and Serious Topics: Don't be offensive to other members. We like Eurobricks to be a friendly place to discuss LEGO and won't allow posts that are intended to offend or attack. For the same reason, topics (or avatars and other expressions) about religion or politics are not welcome on Eurobricks.

English skills and Clarity: Try to be clear and precise when posting and use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. We do tolerate bad English as we are a site that welcomes users from all around the world, but we don't tolerate laziness. No l33t sp34k or "texting language". We don't criticize international users who are non-native English speakers, but are trying to post in English. You probably couldn't do as well in their language. Bear this in mind.

Privacy/Personal Information: This is the internet, the things you post will be picked up by search engines and could potentially live on forever. Keep that in mind when you post. If you don't want something you say to be associated with you later, don't say it. We do not delete user accounts or posts, so create them responsibly.

Staff: The staff are here to help you. Do not debate staff issues with them. Feel free to make suggestions as we are happy to hear them, but if you are told that something is against policy, the discussion is over. Similarly, if you're not staff don't act like you are. Telling new members site rules from time to time is one thing, but don't make a habit of being a mini-modder. Use the "Report" button instead.

By registering on this site, you agree to having read and understood all of the terms herein. You also agree that you have never been a registered member at any time previously. Multiple accounts will result in instant banning.

These guidelines may change. Please refer to them any time you are in doubt.

- The Eurobricks staff -

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