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REVIEW: 75215 Cloud-Riders Swoop Bikes

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Hello everyone,

This is my third review from the LEGO SOLO: A Star Wars Story and till now I haven't watch the movie yet. So be rest assured that there are minimum spoilers in this coverage. Earlier ago, I had also reviewed the 75209 Han Solo's Landspeeder and 75210 Moloch's Landspeeder. I aim to share more Star Wars reviews in time to come. Without further ado, let me share the reviewing journey for this new medium sized set. 

Name: 75215 Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes
Theme: LEGO System / Licensed / Star Wars / SOLO: A Star Wars Story
Year: 2018
Pieces: 355
Minifigs: 3 minifigures
Price: USD 29.99, GBP 25.99, EURO 29.99, SGD 59.90
Resources: Brickset, BrickLinkBrick Insights

An original box image of the 75215 Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes

Back view of the original box image of the 75215 Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes

Recreate the high speed chase scene from the movie itself
This new medium-sized LEGO Star Wars set is priced at a premium based on the usual pieces count. In the United States, it is an additional USD$10 premium. These builds belong to a group of  marauders known as the Cloud-Riders, led by Enfys Nest in the recent appearance in the movie. I had never seen any of these reference materials before until I had seen the movie trailer earlier. Cloud-Riders are one of the most infamous swoop pirate gangs in the Outer Rim Territories. They use highly illegal modified speed bikes to strike and plunder cargo ships. 

The content of the sealed box

The sealed box come with three numbered mint packs. The two instruction manuals are part of the content. This set also contain a dreaded sticker sheet which I did not apply for my set. After the builds are completed, these are the remaining spare parts. You can view the spare parts for packet 1, packet 2 and packet 3.  

Tobias Beckett, Weazel and Enfys Nest
This set contain a good range of brand new minifigures (from left) Tobias Beckett, Weazel and Enfys Nest. These minifigures are completely unique to this set even though Tobias had made another appearance in his Imperial outfit from the 75211 Imperial TIE Fighter. Becket is originally a Captain under the Imperial Army stationed in Camp Forward in the planet Mimban. Becket in this outfit is more suited as a gunslinger from Glee Anselm. Han Solo looks up to him like a mentor and his parting words is "Assume everyone will betray you and you will never be disappointed". It packed quite a powerful quote even though I had not able to relate in the movie. 

Now we are focusing on the Cloud-Riders. The Cloud-Riders' leader known as Enfys Nest. He hidden behind his chromed visor and no one know his mysterious identity or his origin homeworld, let alone the species origin too. Enfys Nest minifigure design is very accurately design based on the actual movie reference. His choice of weapons are mostly preferred to use melee weapons such as the electroripper staff. He is an incredible opponent and fight his enemies with great ferocity. The martial arts at Nest's command are a broad mix of style that make it very difficult to pinpoint his origin. One interesting factual information to note on his carving on the front of the helmet state the following: "Until we reach the last edge, the last opening, the last star and can go no higher". 

The next short-legged character is Weazel. He is a loyal and most trusted lieutenant to Enfys Nest. He had previously worked with the Hutt gang and now he's with the Cloud Riders. His unique helmet design is a kalevalan tracker helmet with rangefinder. No one know his identity too. To stay true with the original reference material and TLG's design point, I had removed their helmets and you can see their true facial expressions for yourself. The minifigures' design are very nicely created and you can see back view of the minifigures including Enfys Nest black cape printing

The entire building content for Packet 1

The completed built for Packet 1

The entire building content for Packet 2

The completed built for Packet 2

The entire building content for Packet 3

The completed built for Packet 3

The Cloud Riders lead by Enfys Nest
The completed built of these Cloud Riders' swoop bikes (with side-car) are known as the Modified Caelli-Merced Skyblade 330 and Modified Caelli-Merced Halberd-441 with sidecar. Their distinct colour scheme and flag distinguish themselves from rivarly gangs such as the Dark Star Hellions and the Nova Demons. These swoops bikes may look crude but these were illegally modified to make it an overpowered vehicle and capable of traveling at 600kph which can allow them to conduct successful raids. 

The Swoop Bike without side car measured at 9cm high, 19cm long and 5cm wide, while the Swoop Bike with side car measured at 5cm high, 21cm long and 9cm wide. It has quite a complex built and is not your regular speeders' design. It's capable of high speed chase and is rather fun to play with to form those play scenes accompanied with stud shooters beneath. You can enjoy viewing more of the up close viewing angles from the front viewside view (L)side view (R) and back view (especially the triple-cluster turbothrust engines with ion-drive booster). Not to forget that it also come with a hidden crate containing coaxium. 

High speed race bikes

We want the coaxium and we will not give into your demands

My LEGO Solo A Star Wars story open collection so far

There's no way that I am letting you get away
To conclude, this is almost coming to an above average LEGO Swoop Bikes. The Swoop Bikes' design are sleek and the minifigures are excellent designs especially for those highly detailed Cloud Riders' members. The price tag is not entirely attractive based on the price count and I don't quite understand why there's a slight premium for this set as compared to similar sets based on this price range/piece count. Despite of the pricing, it is a set which I will consider favourably for these minifigures and the nice speeder bikes' designs for playing and worthy to add into your growing Star Wars play collection. 

Summary review
Playability: 8/10 (Fun to play and re-create the chase scenes with other sets from this series.)
Design: 8/10 (Excellent minifigures' design and nice swoop bikes to add into the collection.)
Price: 5/10 (Get this set when it is on sales as I find it expensive to pay it at full SRP.)
Overall: 7/10 (Get this set for the Cloud Riders and nothing less. Fun way to reminisce and enjoy the movie recollection especially if you enjoy viewing it.)

I gave it a "4" based on my Review Score Card. :wink: What about yours?  (Star Wars poll function is still broken and I exclude the poll in this review). 

I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed.

Pictures can be found in My Flickr.

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Again thanks for a well done and insightful review, funny I have the same three sets as you, so far. I echo your sentiment as far as this set goes as well, I did really enjoy the building of the bikes and think they are quite good, except for the one with the vertical stabilizer in the aft section. I don't like seeing the anti-studs on the one side and a stickered plate on the other. 

I might have scored this set a little higher since I think it's a very good set, good playability, fun build, great minifigures but as you say, a little on the pricey side even for Star Wars, this really does seem to be the new normal though and one of the reasons I have cut way back on Star Wars sets. 

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thanks for the review.
I'm waiting to receive mine. I love the figures, every time I make more account that the quality of the figures and the price of the figures, they do not go in harmony.

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Thanks guys. I am glad you had enjoyed reading this review. I had to admit the Cloud-Riders' minifigures are awesome indeed. 

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Great review. I'm thinking about to buy it. Only because of the Enfys Nest Minifigure. But the thing is, i dont need the other stuff xD 

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