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[BH - Rodian] Kind Regards

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There're are many spaceports around the galaxy and few are as notorious as those on Tatooine. Each day is full of danger and tension and any wrong move can be punished if you're not cautious. That happened to a Rodian called Maktus. He always wanted to work for the local gangster Hubra the Hutt. As one job went bad he was given another chance but as he made a mistake the second time that wasn't excusable anymore ...

I hate Tatooine. It's hot, dirty and full of mischief. That should be suitable workplace for a bounty hunter but not for me. And now I've been sitting and waiting behind those boxes for more than two hours. There's a lunchbreak and everyone's in cantina. Including my target. I could attack him inside but that could bring me a lot of trouble, there's a lot of tension in the air since the recent salary reductions. So I have to wait for him to finally come out and I'l be able to deal with him.


Spaceports are alway full of numerous different beings, from amphibian vurks and belugans to humans. And you'll always find a givin or two having a conversation about primitive life forms they're surrounded with.


But finally, there comes my target, that little scoundrel ...


Nobody seems to be behind him and the givins are too deep in mathematical equations to see me. I'll use this moment to get this job done ...

"Hubra sends his regards!"

Huh, how original ...



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Cool scene.  I like the utility building on the right, and although the skull heads threw me for a second, I looked up when Givins look like and the skulls are pretty good.

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12 hours ago, MontyPython said:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. And I'm looking forward to see your MOC, Josh.

It'll be a little bit before I post it on the forum, but here's the build on flickr.

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