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[BH - Gungan] The Cure

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As we returned from the snowy Hoth a new mission was already waiting for me. A Gungan living on Coruscant has some serious gambling problems. His debts came too far and now it's my turn to end this story. I knew where I could find him as soon as I arrived on the planet. Where else would he go other than to the Casino Alley? I almost felt sorry for the poor fellow but it's probably the best for him. A quick death that will end his problems and bring satisfaction to my employers. After all, this is what we bounty hunters do.

"I'll pay, I'll pay! I'll give him back his money! I can't help myself, it's a disease!"

"I have a cure for your disease pal."



I've never made a build situated on Coruscant before but I thought that adding lots of different odd colours could make it look right. As for the vehicle I went for something a bit more robust this time as I can imagine that a bounty hunter wants to be as deadly as possible on the ground and in the air.


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I generally like the left half of the Coruscant build - especially the transparent blocks under the walkway that give it a more elevated feel, and the block of blue is nice.  It could use some more pipes / texture - I feel like Coruscant tends to feel pretty crowded. I'm not really buying the pink side as Coruscant - I think if the pink had been paired with a darker color, like dark grey, it might have worked better?

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