Hello everyone, the European journey is now complete! I wanted to conclude with Denmark: the nation that has created Lego toys ...paying tribute with the magnificent DSB Nohab! The hardest part was making the three-axle trolleys, but searching on the net I've never found anything I liked. I know that the bogie I made will disappoint the purists but in its simplicity this is what everyone would want! To make it, I've used a Dremel and I'm quite satisfied with the result.

To power the locomotive, I have perhaps invented a Columbs' egg: using a normal train motor, vertically oriented, inside the body of the locomotive.

To satisfy the overall dimensions I've realized this machine in 7 studs. As always the model has a switch to turn on the front and back lights; the power switch is behind the windscreen and the receiver is mounted upside down under the main body.

Have fun with photos... For the next few months, after some interludes with cars from Spain and Italy, the latest creations will be from Germany and only Germany! After that my trains collection will be DEFINITIVELY completed ... stay tuned!