[Ep XVII Freebuild #3] Prowl Great Cain

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Freebuild #1: Distant Stations
Freebuild #2: Belly of the Beast


It was all going so well.

We’d traversed a maze of hallways and turbolifts, following instructions from Tyria who remained on the ship. 

The admiral’s kid was in his room, his bunkmate left without a fuss once we mentioned ISB business, and he was going to come with us willingly.  His exact words were “I didn’t sign on to blow up planets.” 


And yet, here we are.

His bunkmate should have been a red flag.  At least one of them should have been on duty, but we got overconfident and let it slip.

We were halfway through trading outfits when we heard from Maze in the hallway.

36707259914_11b4c9ca73_t.jpg Trouble coming. 

37417007411_e25303317f_t.jpg  What kind?

36707259914_11b4c9ca73_t.jpg  Officer class.  Looks like a captain.  Alone so far.

So, the bunkmate was a snitch.  At least the captain's come alone, no doubt wanting to take credit for “catching” the kid.  Even now, at the end, they’re playing politics.

37417007411_e25303317f_t.jpg  See what you can do


36707259914_11b4c9ca73_t.jpg  I’m sorry ma’am, you can’t come in.  ISB business.


44203441031_209b69f8eb_t.jpg  Step aside, or I’ll put you out an airlock.

36707259914_11b4c9ca73_t.jpg  Yes ma’am, right away.


44203441031_209b69f8eb_t.jpg  Lieutenant Jepson

37872384794_128ffd66dc_t.jpg  Captain Corso

44203441031_209b69f8eb_t.jpg  I should have known I’d find you fleeing like a coward.


44203441031_209b69f8eb_t.jpg  You are all under arrest, for aiding and abetting a deserter.


44203441031_209b69f8eb_t.jpg  And as for you –



37417007411_e25303317f_t.jpg  What are you staring at?

29461354135_93387d9eef_t.jpg  She was on our side-

37417007411_e25303317f_t.jpg  No.  She was wearing the same uniform as us.  That’s not the same thing.  I thought you’d have learned that by now.

36707259914_11b4c9ca73_t.jpg  What’s going on in there?!

37417007411_e25303317f_t.jpg  Stand by, we’re fine.  Kirana, head out there, make sure they’re ready for company.

31465386572_b5b5dd621b_t.jpg  Hey boys, I hate to rush you but the Rebel fleet just jumped into system so faster is better.

  37417007411_e25303317f_t.jpg  Fierfek.  Arjun, help the kid get the rest of that armor on or we’re leaving him here.


29461354135_93387d9eef_t.jpg  Get ready, we’re gonna have company.

It doesn't take long for Jepson's bunkmate to show up.


30336013078_d989844658_t.jpg  Where’s Captain Corso? 

29461354135_93387d9eef_t.jpg  What do I look like, a staffing droid?


44203436011_a5a9ea063a_t.jpg  Sir, until we figure out exactly what’s going on here, I’m going to need your men to lay down their weapons.

29461354135_93387d9eef_t.jpg  Alright, alright, take it easy.  Jepson ran off, and the captain came looking for him.  They both went that way.


44203436011_a5a9ea063a_t.jpg  Troopers, weapons on the ground.  Now.




37417007411_e25303317f_t.jpg  What the kriff is -     36707259914_11b4c9ca73_t.jpg  Felth is down!     29461354135_93387d9eef_t.jpg   More troopers inbound!


37417007411_e25303317f_t.jpg  Hit the blast door controls!





31465386572_b5b5dd621b_t.jpg  What the hell happened?!  I'm seeing a massive security alert in your sector-



37417007411_e25303317f_t.jpg  We've had a problem...



Thanks for viewing!  I wanted to try a few shots in the comic book style that @Cody Startale pulls off so well.  Mine aren't as good, but I like the direction they're heading.  

The bunkroom was inspired by the one seen in the Star Wars Rebels episode "The Honorable Ones"



(Studs left exposed from minifig posing)

I got the laser effects by positioning the clear blades between the camera and the scene, so that they were bigger and the light hit them more.  I also messed with the brightness some afterward.


Bunkroom on the left, hallway on the right, showing how the ceiling and walls slide apart for ease of photography


Full sized pics are on my flickr



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N.P.U! The crown, of course, but, more subtly, I really like how those profile bricks look in the doorway. Great shots throughout. Excellent bunkroom!

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