Whilst working on my It's a Pirate's life entry, I found that it was very difficult to get the standard cannons to trigger anything (exploding wall e.t.c). So I wanted to increase their power. First step: take the cannon apart. I did this by pressing the circled indent with a blunt nail and lodging my fingernail in the gap that appeared between the components. Keeping my nail in the gap, I did the same on the other side. All the insides fell out *sweet* So then we have the 4 parts, from left to right: -The barrel -The two-pronged shuttle -The spring -The end cap Now to increase the power. As the cannon works by compressing the spring when you pull the pin and releasing the energy to strike the cannonball with the prongs, the way to increase the power would be to increase the potential energy storage of the spring. My attempts: 1. I inserted two springs into one cannon. This actually decreased the power of the cannon as there was a lower storage capacity as some was already used up as they had to be compressed to fit them. Furthermore, as the ends of the spring were uncompressable, the ratio of uncompressable spring to potential storage increased. 2. I looked for another spring. I couldn't find a suitable replacement, as most springs were too narrow (especially biro ones) or too wide. The dimensions of the spring are 22mm long, with a diameter of 6mm and a 2mm gap between each coil. Does anyone know where you can buy/find such a spring? I tried my local craft store, but they didn't have any springs... *sad* Are there any other ways to increase the power? - A piece of bendy metal? A compressable material e.g. foam? Has anyone else tried this?