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Here it is! The launch zone to all kinds of Action and Adventure! Whether you are diving to the bottom of the sea or digging deep underground, seeking treasure or foiling super-villians this is the best place to start!

Each link leads to an index for the different themes Eurobricks calls an Action and Adventure theme where you can browse reviews and MOCs. There are plenty of great things to look at! 

The themes that belong here in Action and Adventure Themes:

Adventurers, Agents, Alpha Team, Aquazone, Atlantis, Chima, Dino and Dino 2010/Attack, Elves, Monster Fighters, Nexo Knights, Ninjago, Pharaoh's Quest, Power Miners, Rock Raiders, Time Cruisers, Ultra Agents and World Racers.

But just what is an Action and Adventure theme? Look here to find out. 

Got an idea for a new Action and Adventure theme that you think is cool to share? Post about it here

I have to give a big thank you to linusbohman  and his site Brick Insights, without that site then I would never have had the time to index all the reviews.

For all the old things that used to be used to index and inform about Action and Adventure Themes then look in the:


Found something cool in the indexes, want to share it but it would be a case of serious bumping/thread necromancy? Never fear!


Treasures of Action and Adventure is the thread you need to post in about old MOCs and reviews.

Got any questions? Want to let staff know that you've got a review or MOC to add to the index? Any suggestions, nominations or ideas for the Action and Adventure Theme Forum itself? Post here.

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AdventureSmol.png.d3350cd71277137f3105731425e13964.png Adventurers, Dino, Dino 2010/Attack, Monster Fighters and Pharaoh's Quest

Aquazone3Smol.png.03fa14c54aa9008cdc3bd6625c848a16.png Aquazone, Aqua Raiders and Atlantis

FantasySmol.png.0db1276b8d2518352f8e946de20514e0.png Chima, Elves and Nexo Knights

NinjaSmol.png.f9a416d240acd24ef60593e84ba13b99.png What it says on the tin!

AgentsSmol.png.1093b03b125a6787183e2fbd0fed4984.png Agents, Alpha Team and Ultra Agents

underground2Smol.png.a5dbbca8a0355177bf57d8d41a6edbe6.png Power Miners and Rock Raiders 

wildcardsSMOL.png.c952f854e87912672d38135ad9b2dc5f.png Time Cruisers/Twisters, World Racers and all the other wacky stuff.

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