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EBRP General Information and Character thread.

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Welcome to the EBRP *sweet* !

This thread is reserved ONLY for character registration and general information. All questions and discussion should go here.

1. MAP


Dwarves are dark blue ;-) . You can click the map to view a bigger version (warning it's in BMP!)

2. FAQ

Q: I'd like to join but I don't want to/have the time to check up on the thread everyday, can I still join the fun?

A: Yes, you can. You add content to your story whenever you've got some new ideas or time to do so. You can do this every day or once in two days, once in a week, it's up to you!

Q: Can I kill the characters of other players?

A: Yes, you can BUT ONLY if the owner of the targeted characters agrees on the fact you wish to finish of his/her character. You can make an agreement on this matter via PM for example.

Q: Can there be dragons, sea serpents and trolls?

A: Yes, there can be all of those mythical creatures because the listed examples were all available in real Lego sets too. Giants or centaurs are not allowed because Lego never made any of those. If you're not sure about a creature, just trust your gut on it. Brick-built creatures are now allowed too.

Q: An RP, eh? Is there any dice rolling involved?

A: Nope, there is no dice rolling involved. If you're not sure on what to make of this, you can always check some examples here, here and here. Basicly you write down the adventures of your Lego character. These can interweave with the adventures of characters of other members too.

Q: Am I allowed to wage war and take territory of the other factions?

A: There can be wars and stuff but please try to keep that at a minimum. And don't start wars just because you want war, make sure you have good, 'realistic' motives. Plus, please try to avoid plunging the entire continent in war, that would be last thing I want ;-) . As for the territory, I don't really like the idea of taking away enemy territory, because I would have to redraw the map the entire time :-P .

Q:Are fictional factions allowed?

A:No, only the official LEGO Castle factions (and Ninjas) are allowed.

Q:How fast can we travel?

A:It takes 2 days to cross 1 square when you're on foot and 1 day per square on horseback (dragonback, boat, etc.).

*FAQ may be updated with new questions in the future*


1. General rules

* Try to be somewhat realistic. A character with a horse or other mount will travel faster than a character on foot.

* Try not to give your character improbably strong powers (for example a spell that kills everone immediatly) or make him invincible.

* NO gunpowder.

2. Character based rules

* Your character HAS to be a LEGO minifig, NO animal characters like dragons or talking parrots, etc.

* Your character cannot be a god with godlike powers.

* You can have multiple characters.

* Your character has to be part of one of the following Lego Castle factions:

Information about the factions can be found here (still WIP, though).


Lion Knights

Royal Knights

Knights Kingdom


Scorpion Knights

Black Falcons

Dragon Masters

Black Knights

Fright Knights

Bull Knights



Dark Forest


Crown Knights






*New rules may be added in the future*


* Please try to post only one picture per character. If you have more pics, link to them in your posts. This rule is here not to flood the thread with pics so users with slow internet connection can still view it with ease :-) .

* Please use following spreadsheet (or a variant):

Name: Insert name here.

Age: Insert age here.

Background: Summarized background of your character goes here.

Faction: Pick one of the above factions where your character belongs to.

Class/place in hierarchy: Fill in the characters profession or occupation.

Equipment: Describe his basic equipment.

Looks: Describe your character or make a pic of him/her and add it here.

Of course, favorite sayings and hobbies may be added ;-) :-P .

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Charachter Name - Captain John "Zeek" Ezekiel

Faction - Crownies

Occupation - Ex-Ship captain, Ex because his ship just crashed on some shore and he's one of the survivors (Anyone want to join me on the ship?)

Current location - Unknown shore.

Weapon - Cutlass & Sheild, usualy a whip but he lost it during the crash.

Speciality's - Navigating & Close combat.

Look - Black Pants , Crownie torso with black arms, head with smirk (Or whatever it's called, the one jipay & BB use for their sigfigs) & Black triangle pirate hat.

Hours after the crash, caused by a storm, picking up supplies from the wreckage, only 4 survivors, a merchant in the backround killed by his own merchandise...

Lookin torugh the wreckage...

The Survivors. Zeek is on the very left.



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Name: Theldor Baggins

Age: 31

Backround: Theldor is a viking warrior, He travels with five of his other viking allies. His best friend's name is Will Gonkther, they always travel together. Theldor and his friends were on a longboat which was swept away by the wind and landed in undead territory. X-O

Faction: Vikings.

Class: Scout/Axman.

Equipment: Throwing axes, Battle axes, knives.

Looks: Center guy.


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Name: Pencoin

Age: 23

Background: Grew up in a small villiage which was attacked when he was younger, he lives in the single standing hut there

Faction: crown knights ( but isnt a active knight, soilder)

Class/place in hierarchy: does some some smithing but mainly a adventurer

Equipment: hut, lance

Looks: pencoin.jpg

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Awww....I wanted to be a Dragon deino2.gif


Name: Scourge

Age: Ancient

Faction: Skeletons

Class/place in hierarchy: Skeleton Warrior Commander

Equipment: Shield and sword of ancient design. Plate armor. Various and sundry edged weapons.

Background: Soon after the Evil Wizard summoned the first of his Skeleton Warriors from the grave, a lone ghoul stalked towards the Skeleton Tower and demanded a place in the newly formed army. Not arisen by the Evil Wizard's spell, but attracted by the presence of the new army, this independently intelligent undead being called himself Scourge and claimed to be a highly skilled warrior who has fought in battles and marched with various armies since time immemorial. The Evil Wizard saw the value in having such a creature as a part of his forces and allows Scourge a certain amount of latitude in how he carries out his orders due to his exceptional prowess in the art of warfare.


Name: Antirrhopus

Age: Late Twenties

Faction: Dragon Masters

Class/place in hierarchy: Dragon Tender

Equipment: The Claw of Krayt, an ancient Dragon talisman that allows him safe passage through all Dragon territories and hospitality in Dragon dwellings

Background: Possessed with the gift to empathicly understand and communicate with Dragons, Antirrhopus was quickly conscripted into the ranks of the Dragon Masters by Majisto and put to work tending to and taking care of the Dragons being controlled by the wizard's powers. Despite this, Antirrhopus is still widely known and accepted by most individual free Dragons and often serves as a conduit for their desires to be transmitted between them and the humans. One of the few humans who honestly and deeply understands the Dragons, he hopes to one day liberate them all from the control of despots such as Majisto and the evil Wizard.

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Name: Dimple Chubb-Bobbins

Age: 187

Background: A rogue dwarf banished from the dwarf realm. He doesn't talk much about it...

Faction: Dwarves

Class/place in hierarchy: rogue outcast

Equipment: Big Hammer! X-D



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Name: Fershwitz Boran

Age: 58

Background: Fershwitz is that rarity of Orcs: a smart one. Born in the capital of Orc country, he has lways aspired for greatness. Unfortunately for neighboring peaceful nations, he was still born with the Orc's lust of war mongering and brutality. He is not an enormously skilled fighter, not many Orcs are, but can hold his own against most because of his thick hide. When growing up, he quickly established himself as a prodigy, rising through the ranks of Orc military. He is currently Chief of Neighboring Relations, which, considering his want of destruction, may be a bad thing for all. He has not an army to command, but speaks on behalf of his nation, and sometimes, just himself. Despite his almost fullblown treachery, his nation adores him, and hope that one day he can expand their small borders.

Faction: Orcs

Class/place in hierarchy: Chief of Neighboring Relations

Equipment: One of the few shiny bronze swords, and a tough shield showing his class in culture. He also has a decree from the Orc council that declares his right to enter and observe near lands.



Batbrick Away! >:-)

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Name: Reginald

Age: 31

Background: He knows little of his past at this stage but carries a unique black sword inherited from his forefathers.

Faction: Black Falcons

Class/place in hierarchy: Inquisitive Wanderer

Equipment: Knights Helm, Black Sword.



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Name: Gong the Hawkeye

Age: 30

Background: There was a time when the citizens of the isle of EB believed there was such a place called "Earthend" many went in search of it and no one has ever returned. Its legend is that those who find it will find riches beyond their wildest dreams. Born to a viking family but raised by an oriental family gave Gong his unique name. Gong seeks revenge to the people who killed his family and plundered the viking realm. The only way he can gain enough power in order to fulfill his wish is to find Earthend. Along his many travels he acquired a mythological scythe supposedly able to create earth quakes and tornadoes. He also forged a unique helm from cedar wood and mytherial(precious rare metal). In the valley of the dragons he found a unique papyrus scroll containing the location of Earthend. Since then he obsessed with finding it and will use any means to get there. He is tough rugged warrior who is not always happy.

Faction: Vikings

Class: Elite Viking Warrior

Looks: Coming soon.....

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Name: Trexxen (alright, I know, not creative - but I got this name from my first major RPG =P)

Age: 27

Faction: Vikings

Place in Hierarchy: Ex-Army Warlord; currently wanderer

Equipment: Small dagger usually mounted on back; "Hildengarde" (razor sharp sword), Shield

Specialties: CQC; also able to imbue weapons with ice.

Looks: Brown hood; "minifig head with black hair, stubble, and angry eyebrows pattern" (From Peeron), Brown cloak/cape, Brown/red viking torso with chainmail, and brown pants. Very brown.

Backstory: (Warning: LONG!)

Trexxen was not always a Viking. He was born the son to a "Crownie" wizard, and a peasant woman; however, the mother died in childbirth and the father was called for war three days before his birth. He never returned. The baby Trexxen was happened upon by some wandering Vikings who heard crying in an empty hut, opening it to find the baby Trexxen near-dead, and the mother already gone. They took the baby in, back to their village, where he was raised to the age of seven before being taught the ways of the Vikings.

Even at a young age, his skill in combat was unmatched. At the age of eleven he challenged the current army lord to a mock dual, with wooden swords - at that age, Trexxen did not particularly enjoy killing people, especially the innocents. The battle was short, but fierce; and Trexxen struck the winning blow. The general realized that he was getting rusty (he was, after all, the ripe young age of 63), and stepped down three years later, leaving a fourteen year old Trexxen to control the army.

At first, he had no real power - the army simply got what they wanted, whether Trexxen liked it or not. One day, Trexxen happened across a young woman whose arm had become trapped within a rope sling trap designed for foxes. Trexxen was still rather short at this time, and barely couldn't reach the rope. When he called upon a member of the army for assistance, he laughed and walked away. Trexxen ran up behind him and stabbed him through the heart with his sword. When he removed it, he was shocked to see that there was no blood on the sword or coming from the man, and yet he had still died. After using the body as a step to reach and save the woman who would become his wife, he examined the wound. The immediate area, including the heart, was crystallized with ice. In his rage, Trexxen had tapped into the powers of his father's side of the family - ice magic.

After this display of raw ability, Trexxen began to receive a lot more respect, and eventually controlled over a dozen villiages and their respective armies. Twelve years after that fateful day, at the age of twenty six, Trexxen was personally delivering a letter to a family whose son had died in a war (He's still a softie...) when a courier stopped him. He gasped for breath, and held his arm, which was gashed rather deep and bleeding profusely. "Two of your...villiages...are at war!" Trexxen took the man to a healer and immediately set out to his home villiage to see if everything was alright.

He couldn't have been more wrong. His villiage was in shambles - from what he could gather from the few remaining survivors, a slave rebellion had taken over an entire villiage. They took control of the army, and took them here in protest of Trexxen's enslaving them. When they discovered he wasn't there, they began to kill as many people as possible; burning the homes and fields, stealing the goods and horses, and leaving any survivors to rot. As their final show of defiance, they took his wife and beheaded her, leaving her body in Trexxen's bed and her head on a stake in the middle of the villiage before returning to their home, preparing for a counterassault.

Trexxen would not give them the pleasure of fighting his army. No, he chose five of his most skilled men and went in himself. Blind rage fueled his magical powers and fighting abilities, and blinded his judgement. Many more than slaves died that day. As Trexxen surveyed the destruction and laughed, a sound filled his ears that stopped him cold. A baby was crying in one of the huts; its mother having been killed before its eyes by the ruthless leader. Trexxen realized what he had done, and took the baby to two survivors in his villiage who had lost theirs, before leaving the villiage and becoming a wanderer. What he is looking for, nobody knows. But one thing is certain - Trexxen now knows that it's hard to see who you're fighting when you don't know what you're fighting for.


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Name: Dragonator

Age: It is hard to tell, he looks in his 30s.

Faction: Dragon Masters

Position: Supreme Councilor to the King.

Armament: Not defined. When out of the Castle he will often carry his ceremonial golden sword. It is rumoured that because of his friendship with dragons he needs no protection, however he will usually travel with an entourage.

Looks: Here's a picture:


History: Not much is known about Dragonator. He has previous experience in military, is a persuasive talker and likes to get things his way. He also has a soft spot for dragons, and will do almost anything to protect them. He is now Supreme Councilor to King Dracus of the Dragon Masters, after proving himself in the defense of the castle during an attack from a previous neighbouring vassal. He is also on the Council of Five, and holds a strong influence over the weakening king, as well as strong loyalty from the army generals he commanded during many a siege. He lives in Dragons Keep, home of the Dragon Masters. He can be considered a plotting and cunning character, an opportunist who will do what he must to protect the dragon race and uphold the Dragon Masters' traditions.

You may find out more about Dragonator at a later time...

Well, that's me! X-D

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Name: Adym Wrenchmonger

Age: 23

Faction: Born into the Crown Knights, but fascinated by Dwarven Technology and mystified by the stories of dragons and the Dragon Masters.

Position: Wandering inventor/mechanic.

Armament: Enchanted mechanical arm, large Scrap-hammer.

Background: Working in a scrap yard and siege workshop, Adym Wrenchmonger grew up learning about how things work, building mini catapults, creating wacky inventions and messing around with things until he figured out what they were for. Fascinated by Dwarven technology and steam powered contraptions, Adym would often visit the nearest Dwarven Mine to study and drool over their mining and defensive machines. After he lost his arm in a freak accident (something to do with one of his catapults, but that's another story) he turned to technology to fix it, but to no avail. Before this point Adym strongly disbelieved in magic (due to his great trust in logic and technology), but he was desperate, he couldn't build things with one arm! Finding an old wizard, he pleaded with him for help. The wizard agreed, and together they managed to combine magic and technology to create a mechanical arm he could control just as he could his other limbs. His new mechanical arm possesses immense strength too, which allows him to wield a large hammer he made. We now wanders the lands searching for new technologies and machinery.

Recently, in a bar, he heard of tales of dragons and Dragon Masters, and was absolutely intrigued. He desperately wants to meet these people, and study their technology. X-D



This is gonna be fun!

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At last! An RP that you don't have to be there every second for. I tried RPing on other sites, but I had the little problem that I'm not around a lot. Now I don't have to worry about being there. I'd love to join.

Name: Count of Counts, Conte de Contes, Comte de Comtes, etc.

Age: 30

Faction: Fright Knights

Class/Place in Hierarchy: Egoistic megalomaniac servant of another megalomaniac wizard aiding the Fright Knights. Currently hatching numerous imbecilic plots, some smart ones.

Equipment: Chariot with single black horse and basher wheels (the ones from KK2 siege towers.) Weapons include double-spear, Skelly sword from new Castle theme, and black/silver Vladek shield. All weapons he has stolen. (Yeah, so he stole them from junk piles, so what?)

Looks: Black pants with red waist lining, red lining around armored shirt (an old minifig shirt from the 1900s), plain smiley face, old KK1 Bulls war helmet, black cape. Pic ASAP.


The Count of Counts is one of the most vile of villains, an egoistic megalomaniac whose sole purpose is to use trickery and deception to destroy the forces of good so that evil will rule forever over all the lands. Not much is known about the Count's past, except that he was not a count as a child. It is said he was found by the wizard Wizardo, and trained in the ways of evil and trickery. The count gets most of his plots from cheap novelettes written by crazed monks. Still, the count has read a great many good novels, from which he gets his better plots. His is most recently wandering about the countryside, thinking of an ingenious plan to capture the Princess and hold her ransome for more than she is worth. The count enjoys bossing around orcs, skellies, or shadow knights. The only other thing known about the count is that his plans do have a tendency to work numerous times, for the count is reponsible for the death of a great many noble knights, none of which he fought fairly.

Name: The Killer

Age: Unknown

Faction: Crown Knights

Class/Place in Hierarchy: Normal knight, with a nasty reputation. Is often used to kill off high ranking enemy generals, especially if they are on horseback.

Equipment: Small axe and and crown knight shield.

Looks: Exactly the same as the knight with the axe from the Crossbow castle set from 2007, except with black starry cape from Harry Potter theme.


They say that as a child he killed a marauding knight with a frying pan. Ever since that day, his lust for battle has not eased, perhaps it has even increased over the years. He true name is unknown to any, for he is known by all as the Killer. He became a knight through a joust in which he knocked all the other knights off their horses without being on a horse himself. It was not so much the feat that impressed the King as how he did it; he used his axe to knock the horses in the side. So immense was his strength that the horses tumbled over...dead. Indeed, the Killer has a reputation for killing or punching enemy horses with whatever weapon he can get his hands on (or his hands themselves). The Killer has no fear of blood or his own death, and he never hesitates on the field of battle. When an order is given to him, he will follow it through to the end. He even attacked the King himself once when the King forgot that he had given him an order to let no one into the wine cellar. Currently, the Killer is on leave of duty--which means he is prowling the countryside, seeking the only knight ever to have defeated him in battle (through trickery) and whose name he knows not. Pity on this knight should he ever be found, for the Killer will not just kill him...he will destroy him.

One more coming later--Wizardo. I'll try and get pics as soon as I can, may not be able to. FYI, these bios are from a neat story I made up with my numerous Castle factions, involving orcs, skellies, etc. Should be fun.


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My firsth character:

Name: Phegy Irmisheh

Age: 36

Background: Little is known about Phegy. He goes where he wants to go and earns some money as troubadour so he can stay alive. some people think he is a half-elf because he can sing very well and looks a little bit like an elf, but he says he comes from the woods of the forestmen. He is well known in the lands of the crowknigts as a great singer, but his journeys often take him to other countries as well.

Faction: Forestmen or elfs...

Class/place in hierarchy: troubadour, traveller, adventurer.

Equipment: A horse, some musical instruments, a sword, leather armor, bow and quiver.

Looks: naamloos.gif

I'm not sure if i will be able to post often, but this sound like fun :-D

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Character Number One:

Name: Random Guard #3

Age: 20-40

Background:Just an average Joe. Somewhat shorter than an average guy actually. He is your genereic guard. They are usually found in Guard Towers.

Faction: Any faction that will take him in, prefferably good guy factions, like the forestmen, but he'll do undead and orc towers as well.

Class/place in hierarchy: None, a small insignificant spendable soldier.

Equipment: A torch and a bag of food.

Looks: 2386770738_8259936893.jpg

There, happy now Batbrick?

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Playable Character

Name: Lord Kenneth Valise

Type: Human

Alignment: White

Age: 24

Faction: Black Knights Kingdom

Appointment: Commander of White Fang Force (Specialzed in archer battalion)

Weapon: Blessed Sword (Known to have immense healing power)

Defence Equipment: Steel Armor, Dragon Shield, Dragon Helmet and General Robe

Steed: 'Raven', his personal steed.

Background: Born in the realms of Black Knights Kingdom, Kenneth was brought up by his father, Lord Hector whom is a brilliant and impartial general whom was the Commander of White Fang Force. Kenneth was trained in the School of Knights at a tender age. Equipping with sound combat and tactical knowledge, he was able to complete missions dedicated by the King himself. "Blessed Sword" is the weapon which was presented to him in front of others in "Graduation Tournament". This sword is an enchanted sword that has immense healing power to heal others. Kenneth and the sword seemed to have an affinity with each other which is so mysterious. Over the years, Lord Kenneth was able to rise up in the ranks to take over as White Fang Force as a commander. With his father promoted to Imperial Guards Commander with a different agenda, Kenneth and his friends took over the reins of the respective army in the kingdom, training those young and well by the previous commanders’ holders as an advisor. This will be the start of a brand new chapter for his journey into this magical kingdom.

An image of my character.


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A better picture will replace this one shortly.

Name: Aluvar

Race: Enchanted Human

Age: 190, but doesn't look a day over 76.

Alignment: As good as he can be.

Faction: Tolerated by many, claimed by none. His alignment keeps him away from the evil factions. Sworn enemy of the Skellies.

Hierarchial Position: Traveling Wizard, something of an Adventurer.

Armament: A simple staff, a few wands, some somewhat confused magic.

Armour: None worn, none needed, just a basic black cape.

Clothing: Black robes and hat. They're slimming, and people confuse you for an evil wizard and tend to not bother you much.

Special Ability: Saving teleport. Only spell he always gets right. Something goes wrong... *POOF*. Part of why he's made it to 190.

Possessions: A chest of improbable volume. Basically, it can hold whatever you can get through it's opening. It's primarily filled with Aluvar's modest riches, books, potions and ingredients, small odds and ends he's picked up here and there, and bird food. It cannot hold anything ridiculous like a horse.

Hobbies: Wandering the countryside looking for people who need help and then generally mucking it up. Hilarity ensues.

Companions: 4 talking birds. In the very first installment of the Aluvar Chronicles, as I'm planning to call it, he'll cast a spell to make them speak in English. It might even work. Aside from being his only source of decent conversation while traveling (and he travels a lot), they are able to deliver messages much like carrier pigeons, except with clearer accents.

Background: His parents were a forestman and a princess, a union not entirely endorced by her family (they disowned her completely). Raised poor, he was often seen wandering the countryside collecting herbs and other little items for his experiments. A kindly wizard eventually saw his potential and trained him, but died before his training could be completed. Having been taught the rare skills of reading and writing, he was able to continue his own training, though it didn't always go perfectly. His parents died in a Skellie attack while he was away studying. As he has aged, his spellcasting has become even more unpredictable, so you might be cautious when standing near him during one of his attempts.

Personality: Prone to make jokes, sometimes even funny ones, frequently using wordplay. Can talk his way out of almost anything, and has had to on quite a few occasions. Used to host a mildly amusing talk show, which confused a lot of people who didn't really understand the concept. Seems to run in the family ... :-$

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Update: I have added my picture to my first post in this thread. Look familiar? X-D

Now I am going to present a non-player character:

Name: King Dracus

Age: 67

Faction: Dragon Masters

Position: King

Armaments: He carries the mystical Dragon Scepter as is the custom of the King. Created by the first Dragon Master, Draconius, it is a said to be a staff of great power, as in the legends Draconius wields it to bring peace to the land and to drive out the many invaders. After his death, it has since been passed down from king to king, never giving anyone its powerful secret since. It is believed that one day, in a time of great peril, its power will be unleashed again to save or damn the kingdom. Also, the Dragon Crown, as worn by Draconius himself.

Looks: He has, in his old age, taken to wearing plain brown clothing, no longer being bothered with looking like a pompous monarch. In his youth he was known to dress flamboyantly. Here's a picture:


Detailed Description: The King is now a mentally instable wreck of his former self. The running of the kingdom is mainly left to the Council of Five, however all rulings have to approved by him, so quite often he is a hindrance to future development. He does not care for his people, and even less so for the great dragons. This will all be explained in more in-depth detail when the story begins. ;-) (I will first give a pre-post of events leading up to the current moment. Be warned, it is long... >:-) )

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My second character:

Name : Sir Iroled Kwiras

Age : 26

Background : Sir Iroled Kwiras is one of the richest Lords in the kingdom of the crownknights, and even though he is pretty young, he is one of the kings most trusted advisors.

Faction : Crownknights

class/place in hierarchy : Lord, the king's advisor

Equipment : A big estate...

Looks : Crownknights shiney armour and helmet, crownshield, shortsword, blue plume, dark blue mantle.


Bigger picture

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Name: Bran O'Brien

Age: 31

Background: His father was a famous pirate who was killed during a battle with Captain Francis de Fleury, a Royal pirate hunter. He was then abandonned by his mother who didn't have the necesary means to take care of him. He grew up in the street of Kingston, a place notorious for its lawlessness and high crime rates. There, he joined the band of Tobias' pirates. He's been serving with the crew of Tobias for some time now and is one of Tobias' most trusted lieutenants. Not much more is known about him, though, except that he will do everything for the right price. He can mostly be found in the Monkey Trouppe Inn, Ste. Marie, nowadays, enjoying some of his tobbaco or drinking a good glas of wine.

Faction: None really, although his name suggest a Dark Forest background. He does spend a lot of time in Morcia, though.

Class/place in hierarchy: Pirate, mercenary, smuggler ,etc. / Right hand of captain Tobias

Equipment: Cutlass

Looks: Regular build, though he's not the biggest guy around. He's got medium length shaggy hear and mostly wears somekind of broad bandana covering just his forehead. He's got some braids and beads in his hair.

Other: Not really the best swordsmen around, he prefers to talk his way out of things. He is extremely agile and uses this as an advantage during combat. Has a pet monkey called Francis. Loves a good drink, especially wine or absynthe, and smoking his pipe.


Name: Tobias Ibsen

Age: 42

Background: He was born and raised in the harsh land of the Norsemen, but fled at the age of fifteen, being sick of the cold and boring weather. He served in the Dragon Master army for several years but never made it higher than corporal. He was fired due to excessive drunkenness while on duty. After that he went to the city of Ste. Marie and joined pirate captain Jorge's band of cutthroats. When Jorge was captured and hung by Morcian authorities, Tobias was elected as new captain. Now, he still remains captain of the ship and its men. He earns his money as a smuggler, pirate and mercenary. He is a good friend of Bran's.

Faction: Born as a Viking, but he left his nation a long time ago.

Class/place in hierarchy: Pirate, mercenary, smuggler ,etc. / Captain

Equipment: Cutlass, handaxe

Looks: White bearded face, wavy blond-gray hair, his right hand has been replaced by a hook.

Other: Loves a good brawl every now and then.

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Name: Edmond Othan

Age: 34

Background: He was a ruler of a Viking village that was destroyed in raid while he was away. Before the raid he had amassed considerable amount of wealth for his age. When his village was destroyed the attackers burned the town a killed everybody who was in it. This particularly enraged Edmond as his wife was brutally stabbed to death as if the were trying to get her to tell where he buried his treasure. All the money he has left he devoted to finding his son who was missing among the dead and avenging his wife.

Faction: Viking.

Class/place in hierarchy: Leader, raider and warrior. In an overall well respected position.

Equipment: Spear, red shield with dragon on it, and hand or throwing axe. His armor is mainly chain with some metal plates in places.

Looks: He looks like a red pawn from the Viking chess set except with brown long straight hair.

Other: From some clues he picked up after the destruction of his village he found a dragon footprint in the ground in his village. The attack was also well planned and executed with skill because there were no survivors, which has given him some ideas on where to look. Also one of his younger brothers is traveling with him, more on his brother later.

I'll try to get pics up soon.

Silent Help

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EDIT - Nevermind, Bricklink answered my questions...

GAME ON! deino2.gif

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Qucik Edit:

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Name: Siloux de Fraun

Age: 32

Background: Siloux de Fraun (Sil-oo de Fr-on) took the trade of...well, trade. He owns a shop in the Forestmen country. He now plans to take on a trip around the continent to sell and barter goods. For a start, he sells quality weapons, but will move on to other goods as the trip progresses. He owns a horse, occasionaly getting off it to walk on hard terrain; it also pulls a wagon full of goods. A lantern lights his way and a pot for food.

Faction: Forrestmen

Class/place in hierarchy: Trader/Barterer

Equipment: A bow and arrow, though, put in away in the picture.



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Here is another non-player character featuring in my story:

Name: Mike

Age: 29

Faction: Dragon Masters

Position: Messenger

Armaments: A sword. Travels with his horse, Cherry, with the Dragon banner.

Looks: Here is a picture:


Watch out for him in the next few storyline posts. ;-)

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