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Very interesting minumalistic approach, even with non-Lego parts. I suppose one could put any sort of shell on they wanted to, liked the way the suspension worked out, kind of like a separate swingarm for each wheel. I think a dual wishbone setup would be better, more tire tread in contact with the ground, better traction. It would definitely add many more parts and weight though. Skid steering seems to work okay, again it would add many more parts with a more common steering solution. 

A small tip, really one of my pet peeves, a little less oh um when speaking, that really drives me crazy and I almost didn't watch the whole video because of it, honestly no offense intended. 

Anyway great POC vehicle, thanks for sharing. 

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I see good performance of 4 L motors on simple lightweight chassis.:classic: It can be really great, but not with 1 battery block and 1 Sbrick. You need at least 2 Sbricks and 2 battery block to power 4L motors in model that have normal body, not just simple chassis.



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