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indexed.gif Layout

Well, after many years of work, my town layout is finally complete! Actually, my latest layout only took about a week to assemble (most of the buildings were semi built and in bags), but my actual town has gone through many stages of evolution since I first founded it when I was young. Back then, it was only 2 by 3 baseplates big - now it spans over 5 by 3 baseplates big. It’s really not that big, especially compared to many of the layouts I’ve seen here and on other sites, but I’m proud of the work I’ve put into it. ;-)

Now, with the intro out of the way, onto the tour! To start off, here’s a general shot of the entire town. Norville is a coastal village, so it attracts many people to its beach and restaurants in the summer months.


Here’s the small seaport. It really just consists of a large platform with three docks coming out of it, plus a tiny management building. There’s plenty of cleaning supplies over in the corner of the seaport, and a wide variety of boats float here – a private racer, a diver team’s boat (which is currently in repair), the local fire station’s new boat, and a large coast guard boat.


The beach is particularly active right now (the seasons are different in the lego world), and a lot of people are here. Some teenagers are playing a game of volleyball, and the handsome lifeguard is making sure that the kids in the water stay safe. Over by the local pizzeria a local racer is ordering Papa Pizza’s special tomato and basil pizza. There’s also a couple teenage girls chatting over pizza at the parasol table – I think they’re talking about the lifeguard! Oh, and then there’s Larry, the pizza delivery guy. He’s off to deliver a pizza to the mayor of town himself! Better not mess this one up, Larry!


Here’s the grocery store, bank, and the brand new post office (which eventually will be paired up with one of the new City Mail Vans for super fast delivery). Don’t mind the awkwardly parked police truck – the police chief just stopped to buy a box of donuts.


Frontal shot of the bank. It recently went through a major renovation, nearly doubling its size. Right now a worker is unloading some brand new bills shipped all the way from the Lego Federal Reserve.


Next up is the finest location in Norville – the Breezeway Café. This renowned restaurant attracts many rich people during this time of the year, and is especially well known for its wonderful pasta and deserts. Oh, and there seems to be an illegal street race passing by right now. Legoland in general is quite known for these – must be all the racecars people have.


These are two of the three houses in Norville – most of the people that spend time in Norville live in another area of town. There’s a couple policemen passing by right now – looks like they’re after those reckless street racers again.


This is the large construction yard, where a new building of some kind will eventually go up. At least, that’s what the town counsel promised. However, there’s been rumors going around that it’s only there because the counsel wants to show off the brand new construction vehicles! Right next door is the local news station, LTV-9. The news crew is about to take off in their helicopter to cover the street chase going on nearby. The footage will be broadcasted by the giant TV tower, which is the tallest structure in Norville.


The mayor’s house. It’s the only house in town that has a garage and patio – they’re some of the special perks mayor George gets for running the town. Right now his life Laura is gardening, and their cat Binky is playing in the grass.


Here’s one of the largest buildings in town – the Octan gas station. A crew of mechanics is fixing up the mayor’s second car. I wonder where he’s going to park it when the job’s done…


The third of the restaurants in town is a little MCDonalds drive through. It’s well known that Andy (the sole worker there) can make an order faster than the entire staff at the large but shabby MCDonalds restaurant in neighboring Jenkinstown.


Last but certainly not least, here’s the brand new Norville Fire Station, which can be seen in more detail in this forum topic: Norville's New Firestation.


Well, that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed my tour, and my town. This is about as big as it’s ever going to get until I’m an adult and can really invest some money into making a modern lego town. But, I’m still pretty proud of it. :-)

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Great town this is. It Inspires me to make my own town again, but, I have no road plates. :-(

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Great town this is. It Inspires me to make my own town again, but, I have no road plates

Well, I may have road plates, but unfortunately many of them have a stud row cut off! This happened when I was young and was trying to squeeze a 3 by 3 layout into a play table. It didn't quite fit, so we cut 8 of the plates so it could. It wasn't exactly my brightest idea, and I almmost imediately regretted it. *sad*

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A nice and liveable looking town,Grievous! *y*

But I feel sorry for the brave baseplates that got cut. :'-( :'-(

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A fine layout, charming, classic and colorful, with neat buildings like the firestation, the Breezeway Café, the bank and that gas station. The beach´s very nice, too. *sweet*

Illegal street racing action, with lovely little cars, sweet! *y* :-D

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