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[BH - Iakaru] End up in the mud

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My next job took me to Mimban. Here are five old imperial mining towns, where illegal mining is still active. The target is an Iakaru, who works as a miner here.

Most of the miners are addicted intoxicants, so I guess I know where to find him.

I'll disguise myself as a miner and than waiting for him in the pub. In this case, the best way to make this done, is using poison.

 P1011100.JPG P1011043.JPG

P1011049.JPG P1011048.JPG

So here he is.


P1011053.JPG P1011055.JPG

P1011057.JPG P1011058.JPG P1011063.JPG

P1011064.JPG P1011065.JPG

P1011068.JPG P1011070.JPG

P1011071.JPG P1011072.JPG

Human - Do not touch me, dirty monkey.

Twi'lek - Hesuag boba ba bouba.


I'ts the perfect time to swap the cups.

P1011074.JPG P1011075.JPG


P1011078.JPG P1011079.JPG

It's just a matter of time, that the poison kills him.


P1011081.JPG P1011084.JPG P1011085.JPG

P1011087.JPG P1011090.JPG P1011091.JPG




Another cool bounty hunter mission. My first idea was to build a mine or a part of a mining area with a part of a huge mining machine. During the research I find the Splinter of the Mind's Eye graphic novel. Part of the story takes place in a mine town and the design of the building there inspired me a lot. So I wanted to build a similar street with mud in the middle. I really liked to build it, the biggest challenge was to build the buildings by using mostly plates. Snot and Sot techniques combined to make flat surfaces.


The build:

P1011109.JPG P1011039.JPG


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Fantastic work! I love the little details like your bounty hunter's normal clothes hanging off the bed and the knife stuck in the wall below the dart board. Well done!

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I'm going to need to revisit this when I'm home, because your creations are way too detailed and thought out for a phone screen to do them justice.

You have a great eye for color; I especially like the greens inside the bar, and the messy texture of the awning is great against the smoother surface of the building. 

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Thank You! I appreciate it and I am glad you like it. Because I'm not able to build bigger layouts, my build are shaped by lot of small details. When I imagine the story, that I made, gives a lot of ideas for the little background details and for the look of the scenes. 

I'm very glad for the inspirations SoNE gives me and I can't wait for Factions.

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